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Webwatch #11 – Conventions and Crowdfunding


And today, the eleventh Webwatch “Conventions and Crowdfunding”. In the data the limbus have lost some messages to us, which justify, in our opinion, no article of its own, but here, in a collection article.

Emperor-Raul-Convention starts

Today, the Kaiser-Raul Convention in 2018 starts, the DSA Deluxe Convention of Ulisses games, in Frankfurt am Main. The exclusive Convention is on until Sunday.

How the last year looked like, see here:

The Free Role Round In 2018

Role-playing game for all there is on Saturday 24.02.2018 the free role round. Sure, when you are in the vicinity!
Here you can not only test new role-playing games and other role-players, but also the Material, the dusting, and I mean really Free. This Frosty of Frosty Pen&Paper Online real again in front of what it is and what it is.

Phileasson volume 1 – Deluxe edition in shipping

The Deluxe edition of the Phileasson Saga was to the supporters of the crowdfunding campaign sent.
Since the 21.02.2018 is also in the F-store available.

Rur and also has large joint-trailer

Up to 11.3. the Crowdfunding of Godicon for the gods-trailer of Rur and also has large joint.

News from the DSA-Museum

The Grolm to be presented in its DSA Museum’s newest collector’s piece. The bust of the hard-drinking mercenary Forgrimm, son of Ferolax.


The G7 trolls unmask the traitor in Kurkum.

Again DSA3?

The black forest Goblin makes worrying about whether it is worth a retro-clone of DSA3 to create and how the well-being might look like.

Way of the Association of Crowdfunding

We will come hardly reached even behind the speed with the new objectives. All Updates to the Crowdfunding, you can find here.

The Thorwaler love, you can find in the latest sample.

In addition, there is a preview of the unlocked sphere of sound CD

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