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The Dark Eye - Warring Kingdoms Card Pack
The Dark Eye - Warring Kingdoms Card PackPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

If you already use the various Dark Eye card packs for reference at the table, you'll know how handy they are. This pack includes 120 new cards covering everything in The Warring Kingdoms - advantages, spells, creatures, weapons, and more!

Price: $2.99

Posted: Mon, 29 Jul 2019 09:13:28 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye - Aventuria Compendium
The Dark Eye - Aventuria CompendiumPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

Aventuria is a dangerous place. Whether strolling down peaceful, sunny streets or leading troops in epic battles, heroes must know how to defend themselves.

The Aventuria Compendium presents many new options for combat. Learn powerful fighting styles known only to the best warriors and swordmasters. If you prefer unarmed combat, train in the art of Hruruzat or learn to take down an enemy with Cyclopean Wrestling.

This book also includes a wealth of new rules for other professions, tips for using skills and applications, and new Focus Rules for topics such as hunting, gathering herbs, conducting research, and crafting weapons and armor. Learn new special abilities, study new languages and scripts, and discover new trade secrets for everything from forging paintings to creating horoscopes.

Whether your character is a battle-hardened veteran or a new adventurer just starting out on a heroic career, this volume has something for you!

Price: $24.99

Posted: Tue, 21 Aug 2018 10:13:40 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

Scriptorium Aventuris - Illustrations Bundle
Scriptorium Aventuris - Illustrations BundlePublisher: Ulisses Spiele

Illustration Bundle according to the guidelines for the Scriptorium Aventuris.

Scriptorium Aventuris - 12 Gods Bundle

Scriptorium Aventuris - Layout Building Kit

You may only use graphic elements from this set if you publish your works in the Scriptorium. This publication must also include a copyright page with the following legal note.

The following text must be included in your publication (and has to be added next to all other legal and copyright notes):

This product was created under license from Ulisses Spiele GmbH. The Dark Eye, its respective logos, as well as Aventuria, Dere, Myranor, Riesland, Tharun and Uthuria, and their respective logos, are trademarks of Ulisses Spiele GmbH, Waldems. The title and contents of this book are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without written consent from Ulisses Spiele GmbH, Waldems.

This publication includes material that was produced by Ulisses Spiele and/or other authors and
which is protected under applicable copyright laws. Use of such material is granted under the Community Content Agreement for the SCRIPTORIUM AVENTURIS.

All original content in this work is copyright [current year] by [your legal name or company name] and published under the Community Content Agreement for the SCRIPTORIUM AVENTURIS.

Price: $0.00

Posted: Wed, 10 May 2017 19:48:47 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

Scriptorium Aventuris - 12 Gods Bundle
Scriptorium Aventuris - 12 Gods BundlePublisher: Ulisses Spiele

12 Gods Bundle according to the guidelines for the Scriptorium Aventuris.

Scriptorium Aventuris - Illustrations Bundle

Scriptorium Aventuris - Layout Building Kit

You may only use layout elements from this set if you publish your works in the Scriptorium. This publication must also include a copyright page with the following legal note.

The following text must be included in your publication (and has to be added next to all other legal and copyright notes):

This product was created under license from Ulisses Spiele GmbH. The Dark Eye, its respective logos, as well as Aventuria, Dere, Myranor, Riesland, Tharun and Uthuria, and their respective logos, are trademarks of Ulisses Spiele GmbH, Waldems. The title and contents of this book are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without written consent from Ulisses Spiele GmbH, Waldems.

This publication includes material that was produced by Ulisses Spiele and/or other authors and
which is protected under applicable copyright laws. Use of such material is granted under the Community Content Agreement for the SCRIPTORIUM AVENTURIS.

All original content in this work is copyright [current year] by [your legal name or company name] and published under the Community Content Agreement for the SCRIPTORIUM AVENTURIS.

Price: $0.00

Posted: Wed, 10 May 2017 19:48:43 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

Scriptorium Aventuris - Layout Building Kit
Scriptorium Aventuris - Layout Building KitPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

Layout kit according to the guidelines for the Scriptorium Aventuris.

Scriptorium Aventuris - 12 Gods Bundle

Scriptorium Aventuris - Illustrations Bundle

Use of layout elements from this set is only permitted for works published in the Scriptorium. This publication must also include a copyright page with the following legal note.

The following text must be included in your publication (and has to be added next to all other legal and copyright notes):

This product was created under license from Ulisses Spiele GmbH. The Dark Eye, its respective logos, as well as Aventuria, Dere, Myranor, Riesland, Tharun and Uthuria, and their respective logos, are trademarks of Ulisses Spiele GmbH, Waldems. The title and contents of this book are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without written consent from Ulisses Spiele GmbH, Waldems.

This publication includes material that was produced by Ulisses Spiele and/or other authors and
which is protected under applicable copyright laws. Use of such material is granted under the Community Content Agreement for the SCRIPTORIUM AVENTURIS.

All original content in this work is copyright [current year] by [your legal name or company name] and published under the Community Content Agreement for the SCRIPTORIUM AVENTURIS.

Price: $0.00

Posted: Wed, 10 May 2017 19:48:17 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye - The Vampire of Havena
The Dark Eye - The Vampire of HavenaPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

You hear the muffled sound of footfalls on wet cobblestones, then the sound of heavy boots stepping through puddles. You can’t see farther than ten yards in the thick fog that billows through the dockyards of Havena. You’ve lost track of your pursuers, but you’re sure they haven’t lost track of you. How can you get away? You never respected law and order quite as much as the priests of Praios said you should, and now this is the worst trouble you have ever been in. You cannot trust your eyes, and your ears even less so. Too many sounds echo in the streets—the hiss of an alley cat, the flapping wings of an old raven, and footsteps that seem to approach from every direction...

"The Vampire of Havena" is a solo adventure that lets you dive into the action when other players are not available. Every chapter presents new challenges, and you will need to muster all of your abilities if you wish to escape with your skin intact! Familiarity with The Dark Eye RPG or the world of Aventuria is not required—this scenario includes a ready-to-play character and all necessary rules.

Onward to adventure!

Price: $9.99

Posted: Wed, 14 Dec 2016 10:29:19 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye - Aventuria Bestiary
The Dark Eye - Aventuria BestiaryPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

Demon hunter. Chimera killer. Dragon slayer. Titles that bring honor and glory... But to claim one of these awe-inspiring titles, heroes must defeat these beasts.

Horrifying and deadly monsters lurk in the forests, swamps, and jungles of Aventuria. To creatures such as these, heroes are little more than food, and whoever gets too close may fall prey to venomous fangs, razor-sharp claws, or worse.

Many adventurers have dreamed of slaying a giant wyvern and plundering its ancient hoard, but dragon-slaying is no easy task! The Aventuria Bestiary describes 40 terrifying monsters and two dozen highly dangerous animals that can challenge even the mightiest group of heroes.

This sourcebook describes supernatural beings such as demons, fairies, and ghosts, but also includes nightmarish flesh-and-bone creatures like the corpse-devouring ghoul, the foul pit worm, and the titanic gorger.

The wilds of Aventuria hold more than just monsters. The land also supports many dangerous and interesting animals. Aventuria’s oceans, skies, and fields are home to bloodthirsty striped sharks, arrow-swift storm falcons, and heavily armored, horned saurians, each a unique challenge for heroes who dare to explore the trackless wastes.

Each creature description features a full stat block, a colorful illustration, and notes on physical traits, habitat, and encounter tips.

As a bonus, the Aventuria Bestiary introduces new advantages and disadvantages, new special abilities designed for combat with creatures, rules for creature swarms, and expanded rules for hunting and making use of quarry.

Price: $10.49

Posted: Tue, 06 Dec 2016 08:11:30 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye - Revelations from Heaven
The Dark Eye - Revelations from HeavenPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

Looking forward to a well-deserved rest, the heroes travel to the Principality of Kosh, known for its unspoiled and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and the hospitality of its people. But in "Revelations from Heaven," things don’t always go as planned, and the heroes soon discover that something is rotten in the idyllic village of Oldenbridge. Not everyone who lives here acts in a way that is pleasing unto the gods. Only your characters can shine a light on the hidden darkness and solve a monstrous crime!

This adventure for The Dark Eye is especially well suited for beginning heroes and GMs. It contains detailed descriptions of locations, NPCs, and the plots and challenges your heroes must face, and also includes maps and useful handouts. You need the The Dark Eye Core Rules to play.

"Revelations from Heaven" is a group adventure for 3-5 helpful heroes.

Price: $9.99

Posted: Thu, 24 Nov 2016 10:03:31 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye - Emperor of Thieves
The Dark Eye - Emperor of ThievesPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

Phexcaer withstood the orc horde nine years ago, but this resilient metropolis by the Bodir River now faces something far more insidious. A dark power stretches forth its hand to steal this jewel in the Orclands from the fox god. Its agents lurk in every corner, like an invisible spider in a web of lies. The puppeteer is ready, and a sinister shadow play is about to begin.

What do various gangs of thieves, the head of an emperor, a half orc, a foot race, a thieves’ hideout, a spider, and the largest Temple of Phex in Aventuria all have in common? To find out, the heroes must follow the trail of the fox and hope that they have the cunning, skill, and endurance to prevail.

At least one thing is certain: in a city where everything is for sale, the price of failure can be very high, indeed…

You need only The Dark Eye Core Rules to play this adventure. Emperor of Thieves includes all other necessary information, such as maps, handouts, and NPCs. The Aventurian Almanac is useful for understanding the history and setting of the adventure and enriching play, but it is
not required.

Price: $4.49

Posted: Mon, 25 Jul 2016 03:02:03 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye - The Thorwal Drum
The Dark Eye - The Thorwal DrumPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

Phex, 1038 FB.

The Middenrealm marches to war against Lord Commander Helme Haffax, but Festum, the
trade capital on the Sea of Pearls, has its own problems. The city’s once-cherished tradition of the Atmaskottje Parade has become a serious issue of contention, and the population is divided. Many would agree that the Thorwal Drum, a historic relic crafted from human skin, is what angers Festumers the most. Left unchecked, this growing rift could destroy the city’s unique, cosmopolitan atmosphere. It wasn’t so long ago that Festum’s populations of goblins, Thorwalers, Norbards, Maraskans, and native citizens all got along well. Now, a simple parade could spark a riot that leaves the city in ruins.

Faced with saboteurs, enraged citizens, and political powerplays, Guard Captain Timpski is betting that intelligent heroes can turn the tide and soothe the waters. They will need every ounce of tact, ingenuity, cunning, and muscle to resist the bleak wind that moves through the streets of the Bornish metropolis. Peace is threatened, and in the end, only one thing is certain—the future of the entire city is linked to the infamous Thorwal Drum…

Price: $4.49

Posted: Mon, 25 Jul 2016 03:02:03 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye - A Goblin More or Less
The Dark Eye - A Goblin More or LessPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

Festum, the prosperous merchant city and capital of the Bornland, is home to more than 30,000 humans. For many years, the city has also been home to a growing population of goblins. Called “red pelts” in other parts of Aventuria, goblins were granted citizenship in Festum a number of years ago when they saved the city from a serious plague of rats. Festum goblins now work as day laborers, street sweepers, and rat catchers, and perform their jobs with pride even if many human residents find these occupations disgusting.

To some, a goblin more or less makes little difference, but even red pelts have families who worry about them. When a goblin is found murdered and the City Guard fails to find any leads, an upstanding but overworked sergeant recruits the heroes to help with the investigation. Soon, more bodies turn up, and the heroes find themselves racing against time to save Festum’s goblins from a fiendish serial killer!

Price: $4.49

Posted: Mon, 18 Jul 2016 03:02:03 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye - Kibakadabra
The Dark Eye - KibakadabraPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

Beyond the Southern Sea lies the mysterious continent of Uthuria. A fierce people known as the Jucumaqh dwell deep in the jungle, which few Aventurians have ever visited, let alone survived. Located in the hunting grounds of the Jucumaqh Powhiri tribe is the Serpent Head Rock, a crumbling edifice that rises from the ground near the shores of an ancient lake. Beneath it runs a system of unexplored tunnels that lead to the realm of an evil god. The Powhiri live in fear of the day when the dark power that sleeps beneath the ground will rise and shatter the world above.

A young Powhiri beauty named Hokioi asks the heroes to help rescue her lover, a warrior named Whakamiharo, but they find themselves at the mercy of the tribe’s jealous, power-hungry shaman, who orders their sacrifice. Frightening creatures and forgotten warriors lurk in the Rock’s half-buried, halfdrowned passages, guarding lost treasures and the secrets of
the legendary kibakabas. But time is of the essence, because the monsoons have started, and the waters are beginning to rise…

Price: $4.49

Posted: Mon, 18 Jul 2016 03:02:03 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye - The Molted Serpent
The Dark Eye - The Molted SerpentPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

A Blessed One has been murdered! Two years ago, a charismatic priest from the north caused a great stir in the Horasian Empire. He became famous for demanding that knowledge be made available to everybody and gathering a growing community of followers devoted to mutual enlightenment. Now the Blessed One is dead—murdered by one of his own disciples.

What caused his young student to turn against him? The killer’s trail leads to Vinsalt, “City of a Hundred Towers.” But the Imperial capital is much more than a colorful metropolis. It is also a den of conspirators and criminals, where nothing is as it appears. A dangerous plot unfurls against a backdrop of ancient monuments, mechanical wonders, and glorious temples, threatening everyone from the dirtiest alleys of Old Bosparan to the gleaming heights of political and clerical power.

Success and failure are two faces of the same coin in the city of Vinsalt, and a blasphemous murder is only the first in a string of events with far-reaching consequences for the Horasian Empire.

Price: $4.49

Posted: Mon, 18 Jul 2016 03:02:03 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye - Witch's Dance
The Dark Eye - Witch's DancePublisher: Ulisses Spiele

An evil warlock used cunning and treachery to take control of a small coven of witches and now holds their fate in his hands. Every attempt to overthrow him has failed, but one witch refuses to submit. In the name of freedom, she searches far and wide for help.

A party of valiant heroes answers the call, but can they save her coven before the warlock learns about their plans and seeks revenge? How did he become so powerful? Is there more going on here than anyone suspects? Find out, in Witch’s Dance…

Suggested for 1 GM and 3 to 5 players, ages 14 years and up.

Price: $4.49

Posted: Mon, 18 Jul 2016 03:02:03 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye - Core Rules
The Dark Eye - Core RulesPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye is a fantasy roleplaying game wherein you and your friends play the leading roles at the center of heroic action. Travel the land as a virtuous knight, elven ranger, or erudite mage. Rebuild the war weary Middenrealm, marvel at exotic wonders in the Lands of the Tulamydes, discover lost ruins in the steaming jungles of the South, or try to drive back the evil of the Shadowlands. Rescue innocent victims from the cult of the Nameless One, navigate labyrinthine plots and intrigues at the Court of the Empress, or stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the brave defenders of the border cities to repel the ever-growing Orc Storm. Experience the breadth of Aventuria, The Dark Eye’s immersive fantasy world crafted by those who grew up steeped in medieval lore amid ancient forests, forbidding mountains, and fairy-tale castles.

The Core Rules presents all of The Dark Eye’s refined, time-tested game system. Character experience earns additional skills, new spells, and special fighting styles to face ever greater challenges. To get started, all you need is pen and paper, dice, and this book. Build the characters you want to play, or choose from a large selection of customizable character archetypes.

Enter the classic, fantastic world of The Dark Eye. Glory and adventure await!

Price: $19.99

Posted: Wed, 08 Jun 2016 05:07:32 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye - Quickstart rules
The Dark Eye - Quickstart rulesPublisher: Ulisses Spiele

The Dark Eye, Europe’s most popular fantasy RPG, is now available in English!

The Dark Eye has enthralled players across Europe for generations. The award-winning setting of Aventuria accommodates every fantasy genre: epic fantasy, medieval intrigue, barbarian adventures in the wilderness, or classic pirates’ tales, to name just a few. The Dark Eye lets you bring your stories and visions to life!

People have been playing The Dark Eye for over 30 years!

With hundreds of thousands of players, The Dark Eye has the largest active community of any European roleplaying game. With the release of the English edition of the game, our community of fans is growing worldwide. The editors of TDE are all roleplaying veterans and fantasy writers who started playing TDE as children. Years of gaming and stories provide a depth to the world not commonly found in other games.

An ENnie Award-winning setting!

Ulisses Spiele was thrilled to win the 2017 Silver ENnie Award for the Aventuria Almanac, our comprehensive setting guide. Now more than ever, we are committed to supporting your Dark Eye campaigns with entertaining adventures, information-packed source books, and optional rules for every type of player and every style of play.

The Dark Eye Core Rules: Gateway to Aventuria!

The Dark Eye core book is a gorgeous, 400-page masterpiece! Full-color illustrations on almost every page immerse you in the setting of Aventuria. Color coding helps you stay on top of the comprehensive yet elegant rules, and the layout is tailored for ease of use at the gaming table. Visit our Web site to view our growing selection of sourcebooks, adventures, reference cards,
and downloads, and share your ideas on our forum. Have great ideas of your own? Join our Scriptorium Aventuris fan program and publish your own Dark Eye products!

Price: $0.00

Posted: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 15:58:08 CDT by Ulisses Spiele

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From the Limbus: I would of boars tell

Our latest findings from the DSA data the limbus turn to AVENT Uriah, The Black cat, Heroes for beginners, DSA-adventure the the game head down, tell role-playing games, the fight against the passive role game, as well as old and new fan projects. Reviews Engor has something to give, and his crowdfunding package of black cat full of anticipation unpacked. He presents the content and also makes us anticipation of the coming individual reviews related to the content."The Article Until then, awaits us in Engor however, first a Review of the new expansion “the tavern of the black boar” for AVENT Uriah. Anyone who is a regular at Engor guest, of course, knows that he's been waiting longer for new Material to AVENT Uriah and can imagine that he was very pleased. Test he has played the expansion and attracts a good overall conclusion, with one caveat."The Article The ring of the messenger , the hero factory, The girl and the man-eater braced. The adventure can be integrated seamlessly with the adventures of the DSA5-Page. linked and is aimed at absolute beginners. He is, for experienced players*the inside but it is very little irritation. "The Article Left alone! “Thanks for nothing” is the very energetic title of the current role-play Blog post. It's about DSA-adventure, in which the head of the authors have been left in the lurch. Quasi a settlement with adventures not at all critical Points in the help you should. The author also collects for the second part, so if you also had the feeling of an adventure leaves you in the lurch, then it writes it in the comments. "The Article Save the Date On Tuesday comes the new episode of the Aventurischen Quartet in Frosty Pen&Paper. 20. August 19:30 PM "The Quartet Book of Heroes Orkenspalter TV has conducted an Interview with the creators of the upcoming DSA computer game Book of Heroes. There is a lot of information and Videos for the upcoming game. In addition, the new Inrahkarten shown, the Tokala designed and in the game is a role play. It is, of course, also be printed to give one of the best products for years, I think, the condition that the old Inrahkarten mostly only to the moon, prices to get, sucks."For The Video Narrative role-playing games The Eskapodcast dedicated to the narrative role-playing games. Are they games actually matter? So without Dice? What is a narrative role is the game and what it is currently? To me, the result was a lot of fun and I'm really in the mood time, the two narrative role playing games that I have in the cupboard, to get. Once The depth of the forest and the society of dreamers, both from the System Matters publishing. They are also present in the Podcast. "To The Podcast Contrary to the Passive game In the second-last blog article, the thunder house has devoted itself to the passive voice style of Play. So I would then open the door.. Wah! Do it or Leave it!"The Article In the second part, it is now a generally passive style of play and how you can meet him, with solid tips."The Article Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

Date: | Source: | Translation: automatic

AVENT Uriah, The half-elven Walker

Ulisses the card game "AVENT Uriah sells" since 2016. In June 2019, the revised 3 appeared now. Edition of the Central box, which contains, as a Start package of four heroes and hero decks. In this case, the half-elven Walker stands out in particular because he can pilfer, with talents such as "pocketing" his opponent even armor. In addition, no Hero is so adept at dodging enemy attacks, like the walkers with the catchy name Carolan Calavanti. If these points engage your interest, then be sure to click HERE and check out the expert opinion of Nottel and the Grolm... Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

Date: | Source: | Translation: automatic

From the Limbus of the mountains: the review madness with rats in the walls

It's supposed to be a laziness in the representation, because Yes, last week I was catching up to lazy the Limbus to crawl and now I have two weeks. This is stupid, but better now, than when there are three weeks. Your great Work deserves the attention finally. For of course it is so long that a week could read. This time it is a mountain of reviews, a call for help, fantasy, prizes, and of course the RatCon in 2019, as well as old and new fan projects. Reviews Due to our Interview with Rafael Knop, the author of the thunder wakes up the campaign, there are on the star wanderer-Blog the Review to the two campaign books to read."The Article The part time heroes to follow, meanwhile, the linear Claw marks in the ancient city of Zhamorrha. Overall, the rating is positive, even if it can give a bit more clearance for the player. But good game*get inside the safe."The Article And after you from the ruins of the old city out to celebrate the part-time heroes still merrily the Feast of the enemies. This offers much more possibilities for Sandboxing, however, these are not meshed so well with the actual plot of the adventure. It remains behind its possibilities."The Article At the same Party you could however, some Orkenspaltern encounter the Feast of the enemies also have reviewed have."For The Video Also Engor has two weeks from the last limbus look at well used. For one, he has the print version of Ilaris looked at and is very impressed by the professional implementation of the Fanwerks."The Article On the other, he has the hero factory spring case looked at (Hey, it is still not in the Wiki Aventurica, like the time someone please create the adventure has? – Thank you!), the can score with the continuation of the star case, meta plots, and great characters, but Engor is larger deductions for the influence of the hero on the course much too low."The Article The Aventurian pandaemonium he has also looked at the same times and to the Best of the bestiary named. Especially the little adventure suggestions like in the descriptions, the clear theme of the band, and there are also some new demons."The Article The Schlachtenwüter reviewed the black cat"For The Video The Raven legacy has the ring of the messenger is concerned, and an absolute recommendation for the kick-off of Al'anfa novels by Heike Wolf from."The Article Help! You know from our Let's play area. The Hero Of The Picnic. The Podcast with radio-play technology, has popped many a great round on the ears. The project is part of and just have a real Problem. Because of an image in a previous article, the non-was given and a commercial site and has now to warning and lawyer costs, which are not able to bear the student operator. Therefore, a collection was started. Help Seitenwaelzer and the heroes picnic!"For The Collection Memoria Myrana The new edition of the Fan magazine is engaged with the worlds outside of Aventuria. Game places, rituals, adventure scenarios,cults, types of Heroes, and short stories in Myranor, Vesayama and When discovered. As always, wonderfully designed, and illustrated!"The Memoria Myrana Pit fight According to Aventuria is also brings us the latest blog post by Dnalor. The current carnival of RPG-blogs, the topic of GLADIATORS, WRESTLERS & case fruit has, he presents us with a pit fight."The Article Interview The rogue has Kawe Weissi-Zadeh of the Interview, of the Spoken Adventures is involved. This just had a Kickstarter up and Running, wanted to make the vampire of Havena an interactive solo adventure as a radio play. However, only in English. Since the financing did not materialize, however, has canceled the Kickstarter."The Interview Game master tips How large a group should be? Rather more or rather less for the players? This issue is dedicated to the fanatics, and notes: All good things ... read for yourself 😉"The Article Are you looking for a quick adventure idea or story? Use the small RPG Story Generator!"To The Generator Podcast With toxic masculinity in the role-play is the gender-swapped podcast from Ex-Nanduriatin Curima and former DSA author Judith Vogt, the to on this topic is still rolling deals-Inclusive author, and a children - and youth-therapist Frank Reiss, as well as the author and Podcast have invited man Chris Vogt. There is an introduction to the theme, the theming on character level and the impact on the group follows the table. The title may seem to some a little aggressive, but the Podcast is very differentiated and the limits on the shows, the men are stuck and you are also at a disadvantage."To The Podcast Price-To-Value For the German fantasy price your books to nominate, published in 2018 for the first Time can. There are various categories, including novel and Comic, but also secondary works, and as a special prize 2019, the Best Translation of do with the proposal "ta'puq – The little Prince, in Klingon and English". "To The Nomination Yourself prices you can win in the August survey of the Schelms "Survey/Contest RatCon 2019 It's that time again RatCon and the DSA's Headquarters is located this weekend in Limburg at the in-house Convention of the DSA licence holder Ulisses games. For a column which comes out usually on Sundays (today is Monday), is now quite a bit of hops and malt is lost. So we dedicate ourselves to not what one could experience on the weekend, but before the gleaning. Nandurion, for example, has the whole weekend of the RatCon tweeted, as well as Nuntiovolo. Also, the Workshops at Twitch , where you watch can. In various Blogs, it is likely that a gleaning. Some information about upcoming DSA things were announced on the RatCon: The first part of the star carrier campaign,"the reputation of The Bahalyr" and "Iron flame", there was already on the Ratcon to buy. The first Pardona-a novel of Mháire Stepsr is finished and you are already sitting on the second Band. Will appear in the novels expected to be in 2020. Shadow of Power is probably still in September delivered Game deck to Aventurischen pandaemonium and new fate points with the motive ‘battle’ are from now on to have Starting in September there will be a “DSA Collectors Club” type, the collector is directed. With this, you will have access to exclusive products and PDFs, which will be the loop component of a new feedback. Hardcover editions will be only in a single version. When away, then away. Aranien the next regional game help and probably in September, to appear. With “The steaming jungle” is a game help to the deep South, and the Islands of forest appear. It mainly focuses on indigenous tribes, and not on the colonies of the large States. For the Thorwal-game help , it is a Crowdfunding to give, probably in the fourth quarter of this year to start. The presale for Tickets to the Emperor Raul Convention 2020 is on 14.08.2019 and the 28.08.2019 take place. First of all, the visitors of last year have first right of refusal on 50% of the cards, the other 50% can be purchased by new buyers. The elm Cabinet will be drawn. The Aventurian gods act II - in October of 2019 to appear The Crowdfunding for the Cthulhu Mythos in DSA is the 14.08.2019 start. The myth is to be embedded in the world and not just an additional bestiary be. It will be an adventure of his own, or the diary of a Noioniten that records the delusions of his patients. The third volume of the magnificent edition of the Phileasson Saga is at it again in linen, and genuine leather give. The Aventurian the Herbarium I will be probably in October, to appear (Right, part II, will it also give). All of the previous plants from DSA, even old editions, regional game AIDS, etc. should be included. The short history of the band “dungeon stories” is the background of the Iconic heroes of DSA5 treat “Misha and the Wolf” is a DSA-children's book 2020 appears with Book of Heroes , a new DSA computer game. A single player game with the ability to play with up to four players in Coop-mode. It is to play in the time of the current meta-plots. Events in the game will also have an impact on the meta-plot. More information and newsletters about the game: Orkenspalter TV is working on a documentary film for Black eye, a Teaser, was it on the RatCon to see Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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Nandurion ticks Live by the RatCon 2019

On the RatCon2019 in Limburg have gathered a few unicorns and tickers diligently for you on Twitter. Everything important to the new products and Workshops you will find there and here! Nandurion on Twitter Tweets by Nandurion Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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Memoria Myrana 55

Since 2000, there are now Myranor, initially at Fantasy Productions, then came Ulisses and finally, the movement publishing. This is made with Patric Götz at the top of the Golden land could really Shine. Without the commitment and the many people at the publisher, the release of the Western continent, would become "our" Myranor never what it is today: colorful, diverse, exciting and vibrant. But now the publisher at the bottom, the us will get the Golden country for some time, of all things. On 4. In June, the publisher had to announce officially the insolvency. Quickly there was a great solidarity in the network, and the first actions to help. In just a few days Ago, the empty warehouse bought supplies had to be brought in. However, the further fate remains currently uncertain.Thus, not only a remarkable publishing house in danger of is not, also for the Myranor-Fans is increasing to get the issue printed versions of previously published works. So you can catch two flies with one stroke: quick the missing books to order, and at the same time the publisher will help. From Ulisses is reported that in the new demons-publication pandaemonium is also a part of Myranor is included. Several protagonists of the work gülden Patriotic Background and appropriate text. When it is first Myranor-publications to DSA 5 from Waldems, is currently still open. "To The Edition Of 55 Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Memoria Myrana

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Interview: Rafael Knop

and squeezed In the course of the last few years are encouraging, Yes, some new writers and artists in the DSA universe showed up. Which faces and stories to hide but actually, behind these names? At the same time it's been again a while since the editorial Board has asked the last "Official" to the conversation. Enough reasons for the wild unicorn Horde to once again let of the leash. After a wild chase has Nanduriat Nottel author Rafael Knop asked him a little about his Person and his work as an adventure writer squeezed. I hope you're just as curious as we are. "The Interview with Rafael Knop. Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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Scriptorium Mirror July 2019

During the last month Praios ruled, took place in the city of light, allegedly, a Meeting of the servants of the nameless, which in the connection trying to bring a demonic work among the crowd. The servants of the Heavenly judge are about such Goings-on, of course, extremely indignant. While the order of the Holy Keeper of such a plant immediately eagerest in your gift closets banished, was below listed work of writing after a thorough examination, however, as the distribution of the population worthy to be perceived, and thus for the Aventurischen scribes released. I remember in the context of the fact that it is next to the mirror with the monthly releases also regularly updated, but especially thematically sorted scriptorium sending reports to Simias work bench is that you hopefully your search within since the opening of the Scriptoriums published works, simplified. Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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Review Mirror July 2019

Due to a witch's holiday and a hot-running praios disk a little later than usual, coming this month is a summary of the monthly reviews. And since our hard-working limboturtle uh -nanduriatin Fenia sometimes a break is needed, we will publish the monthly Spiegeleien today time instead of our normal eye by the limbus-wide. To read or view in the last month anyway, enough of that, and maybe that was you in the amount of the one or the other Review, so far, escaped or it has been lacking the time. A lot of fun browsing anyway. Adventure Game Guides/Rules DSA5 DSA4.1 AVENT Uriah Fanwerk Other Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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AVENT Uriah, elves the secret winner

are Here, the well-known elven bow and its users come back. As recently in this post addressed, take the pointed ears in DSA and also other game worlds (since Tolkien), a special role, some of which also impact on the rules. So it's no wonder that the heroes Layariel tops Shine and your counterpart Inaniel flute dreamer at the top of the tournament deck ranking of AVENT Uriah play. You know well with the elven bow deal. "Whether this is really the true reason, you can read here Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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From the Limbus: All hot, and no ice

The current view in the data limbus is prepared by low-cooking method. Day-long cook on ‘low’ temperatures of around 30-40°C. Therefore it is particularly tender and juicy... uh what? At least the author, by feeling good and trying to believe this time really is shorter. This time it's about demons, money, Conventions, cats (how cute!), Adventure as well as old and new fan projects. Reviews The new Aventurian pandaemonium get the rogue before. He reported mainly by the contained demons and takes a short reference to the rules. His conclusion is very positive. I would be interested to see whether a Bhurkhesch when you lick cold is to ice-cream tastes. Then I would me the the meeting to think about the soon before in one of my role-play rounds namely, smooth time."The Article Blogger life A bloggers life is lonely.. Yes, no, sometimes... makes it actually fun and make sense? The wonders Engor and finds himself a bit so that Feedback is rare. How do you motivate yourself so more time and putting the work in. I say to you, at 40°C is not easy! Not really! So Feedback, feel free to! This makes the blogger's heart happy!"The Article View DSA And yet another Engor, and none of them in the case of reviews, it's not safe all the days. For this, he makes us the second DSA half of 2019 tasty. What comes to us? Also Fanwerke be involved, great! "The Article The Love Of Money Two projects deal with the money of our characters. In which role-playing game money at all makes sense to ask The DORP"To The Podcast How you money comes treated the thunder house. What is a reasonable wage and how to get it?"The Article Both agree that money follow-through and simulator power-play sense in most cases, at least when actually the game is fun, the focus should be. How you doing? Your leads, your lists on cruiser and light exactly or you don't care as long as you just abenteuert only in front of half the standard of living plays the character? Con Gleaning The first RatCon Berlin and the thirtieth FeenCon found on the last weekend. Now I'm really Serious, and believe me, I present to you Report to an almost soulless lists of links to (Muha... to laugh to hot evil) Ratcon Berlin  FeenCon Cats Review Jens Ullrich wrote on his Blog Eisparadies (Finally! Ice cream!) an obituary in the history of the Black cat. How does a rule work at all? How did the planning? In doing so, he provides interesting insights that help you perhaps, if you even want to tackle something like that once. So far, two parts published, the series goes further. "Part 1 "Part 2 Adventure in Aventuria Dnalor is not only (allegedly) a Troll, but also a lot of writers. I guess I could fill the whole limbus glance with his articles, but since I'm Serious, I'll give you the entry to his workshop reports to a new adventure for Rakhazar.. (muha.. you know, looks at you, but just like the whole article for the last time). Killing the dragon, is his new call. Well don't know.. ice dragon? 😀"The Article Wiki Aventurica The wiki links have recently been somewhat neglected because I have to be uh heat but with Lazy already program Seriously, I use just the funny random article function on the wiki (on the left in the Navigation). So here are the three Links that I'm ruthless as they come. Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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From the Limbus: surprise box

Our current view in the data limbus about new stories, charming sounds, elves teaser, Nandu, Boxing, demons, lots of Podcasts, the RatCon Berlin and the FeenCon, as well as old and new fan projects. Reviews Engor 's a review of one of the most interesting additions to the Scriptorium. Ina Kramer has a long time pen and paper used and a DSA history for us conjured up. How it came to be, you can at the rogue read, as the story in Engor cut off, you should read his Blog."The Article Interview with earth star 15 years, there is the group earth star now. 15 years in which you have to go to the Conventions and our role-play world with atmospheric music to enrich play. This is reason enough for magic worlds to download Online the earth-sterner for an Interview. "The Interview New campaign with Orkenspalter TV After the Myranor campaign was completed, a Teaser to a new campaign. Orkenspalter TV is the Simyala campaign play. The Teaser is beautifully atmospheric."For The Video In case of doubt, for RHEAS In the DSA Intime Podcast turns the current episode to the RHEAS. How is defined this God as he is of Hesinde, whom he speaks to and what opportunities it offers in the role-play? "To The Podcast Aventuri Cher Podcast The new Aventurian Podcast is to Erzdämonen turn, however, to use Mr. Turkelton and guest Frosty time is quite extensive for General information About DSA or your own work. Among other things, to the Fans to miss, the always complain about everything. In an aside, the Info falls in the Mr. Turkelton is working now in the proofreading of Ulisses games. This raises, for me personally, the question of how to deal with such tangles to deal, concerning many other ‘fan projects’ in the DSA world, but usually not even be openly communicated. After about 30 minutes of demons in the Podcast, then dive slowly."To The Podcast By boxed The Eskapodcast unboxt beginners boxes. Increases in the Boxing ring if it's the boxes of different game comes to stacking systems. In which Box would you ask of your horse? If that's what you in the comments replying to it, you can, among other things, the DnD - Stranger Things Page. win (Hype!). "To The Podcast Ratcon Berlin This weekend, for the first Time a RatCon in Berlin (as a small offshoot of the RatCon in Limburg, and really only as an extension of the Berlin Board game Con). Right ruthless, but also constructive is the report on from Florian. Can keep up the RatCon in Limburg? Nah. Go to Florian again: Yes. Why do you read on his Blog. "The Article The whole weekend Live from the RatCon Berlin unicorns ticks, a small herd of. The Nanduriaten Felixilius, seifer and Derya owl witch, trot, and gallop about the Convention and share their impressions and workshop info at Twitter. "Nandurion Twitter Feencon The FeenCon celebrates this weekend its 30-year anniversary. Since we seem to reports yet to wait a bit to have to, because probably all to busy with Playing and having fun. But good news there was in the run-up. Roll Inclusive is likely to be printed will appear! You can pre-order the print version of the movement, publishing house, or in the pen& the sword Shop. Although there is still no 100%guarantee that it printed, but it is one, if not get your money back. "For Publishing Notice Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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AVENT Uriah, Ignisphaero ball of fire – Glare, fire and thunder

Burning hot it can go, when the magician Mirhiban Al’Orhima your spells in the Arsenal to open up. Not only with the detonation spell Ignisphaero, but also with Jinns and makes the enemies fire under the butt. Due to their explosive attack style and your Name will're also happy to "Mirhibäm" and because it places little value on defense, is considered by some as a so-called "glass cannon". "Here is what the Grolm and Sirius my to Mirhiban Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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From the Limbus: Bloody battles, the end of the Game enemies

Our current view in the DSA data limbo revolves around Dark times, pirates, Traps, enemies, erotic Gewürfel How to fight in a LARP, Myranische finalists, Cons, as well as old and new fan projects Reviews Three children, a night of blood escaped, and the Rest of your family wiped out. Three different destiny paths you are riding from now on, dam. Engor is going in the Dark times and reviewed the first novel of Daniel Jödemanns new novel series. "The Article The carnage appears to end in Engor's second Review. In the Land of the pirates have nasty opponents more often over the blade, jump (uh, so, each only once, of course). Can inspire once again the radio drama technique, but also in addition, the second season of the DSA radio plays from the winter time, Audiobooks can score."The Article Anyone who has a pit digs ... possibly no desire to really own hands. For this case, is recommended, according to the Review of the ring, the messengers, the game card, case, doors & spear pits. The reviewers of the application is the event as a Coincidence in the Dungeoncrawl is actually much too flat. It serves him well as a complement to the game Manager screen of the catacombs & ruins, but can not replace a well-prepared Dungeon."The Article Frosty reviewed the new adventure Feast of the enemies. The adventure may tie in with the hero factory spine paths and plays in the Horasreich. According to Frosty, it moved the plot very close to the Meta and the highlights the game in its rating to 5 out of 5 points. The Review contains massive spoilers and is suitable, in my view, but, for now, game Manager*interior."The Article One of the most interesting reviews of the week comes from It's the way of the Vereinigungen. Here was not the book to scroll through and consider whether the welfare is playable, but it has been played and tested whether these rules at all work, and role-playing game so that is feasible. The group went quite at ease on the subject, ready to engage, and the experiences are very interesting to read. A small quote, and a note from the Nandurion editorial: "We have used for our first Orgy 3 hours" ... Pfft, Amateurs! "The Article Security, acting, technique – Fight in LARP In the third part of LARPZeit TV it comes to fighting in the LARP. How to train, what are the things to consider? What is with the weapons and the armor? The practice will be shown. I would have liked before my first LARP battle that had to be interrupted because I've taken in the wild with the Mace to Hit Accidentally someone, where it was not OK. Embarrassing, embarrassing, worse, nothing happened fortunately."For The Video Ratcon Berlin The Ratcon Berlin stands in front of the door. Nottel has in a nice Overview of the Event crafted, the you also on the way of helpful services can afford. "The Article 30 Years Feencon – Interview The latest Convention in Berlin, is on the same weekend, the oldest role of Convention to the game. The Feencon in Bad Godesberg, this year 30. The part-time heroes have with the organizer, Willi an Interview."The Article CCXP Interview with Ulisses games The Dorp has Jens ball city of Ulisses games on the CCXP in Cologne interviewed. It is all about the new DSA products, Hexxen, and an upcoming children/family, role-playing game that comes from Sweden and Ulisses games will be translated, of course, in the context of Crowdfunding. Jens ball city has explained you would make on the Ratcon Limburg is a great announcement for DSA Fans have long to wait. After the last Mystery product my personal expectations are the behavior to, however. We will have to see. "For The Video The final in Myranor 5 years of play, the members of the Orkenspalter TV game round at your myranor campaign guardian of the Empire. Now you can find the furious statements in part 63 and 64. House Enanndu congratulated the guardians on their successful Quest!"Finale Part 1"Finale, Part 2 Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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Review: Aventurian Animal Companions

Initial disbelief, coupled with subsequent curiosity led Alt-unicorn Krassling to Review the in-game help "Aventurian animal companions". Ironic a spicy mixer in this case is his penchant for chickens, because they have special skills. From his experience, he gives a few tips on how the game can be with such companions deal with it. To us on the topic of "animals in the role-play" properly in the mood, listen, we briefly in a conversation between two patrolling guards in the Action role-playing game the Witcher 3: – "The sparrows peep, and starlings chirping."– "What is it jackdaws?"– "Jackdaws cawing, gold finches call trolling and cranes, while peacocks scream. Hawks scream and the larks Trilling and cooing doves."– "Hmm... and what about the nightingales?"– "Oh, right: nightingales sing." "Enough listening, we are here to read more. Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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From the Limbus: Ilaris, and the heart machine

In today's From the Limbus it comes to magic, Claw marks, Ilaris 2.0, access points, ships, and captains, a large Machine, as well as old and new fan projects. Reviews has Aventurian magic, looked at, and particularly the inner Chimärologe is happy about the contents, however, there is a lot of redundant text and a few things not quite to the Band to fit."The Article Engor follows the Claw marks, and explores what the new DSA adventure. So it can clearly with its atmosphere, and thus it's finally again a adventure, the in the South, and in Samra, near the ruins of the city Zhamorrah. Also the NPCs can points, the strands of the plot are however given strong."The Article Ilaris Ilaris is here! The Fanregel for Aventuria, the task is to provide more streamlined rules, is published in edition 2, and as a print version. Digital you can the rules free to download, for example here, or here. What Ilaris actually offers and how the print version looks like, can you scroll Through Video from Famerlors 3872ste scale in which he works, of course, also extensively annotated. "For The Video What are the differences to the first edition of Ilaris there has PnPNews for you. "The Article Quite panned out, has it Mr. Misfit in his Blog, I want it to be you, but not deprived of treasures, but the Ilaristen have a DSA sticker on a FATE of rules to stick to, in order for the reviewers to please, or DSA perhaps prefer to omit to. "The Article Also in the new rogue tight whisper, Ilaris has a place, and the rogue compares the purchased work, with his own print of Ilaris 1.0."The Article The part-time heroes have Ilaris-maker Lukas 'Curthan' sheep number interviewed. Marc Thor Bruges is interested in, among other things, how many liters of DSA in Ilaris is where the biggest differences are and what was updated."The Article Carnival of RPG-blogs New month, new carnival. In the current carnival of RPG-blogs it's all about “captains and ships” is all about. The host is thebalm."To The Carnival Invitation Dnalor has on this occasion, the same time in his archives and dug right article to Aventuria is searched out. How convenient that he has a great weakness for ships."The Article Movement action: In the heart of the machine The Donner house-the publisher has something very Special up to the movement's publishing to support. As you may know, the thunder home in a quality role-playing cards, for example, of pirate Islands, or mountain monasteries, in which you can use in almost every world and every System. There is always a small game to help with ideas for the game with the map content. So with the description of the buildings and features, NPCs and adventure ideas. Now the thunder of the houses around the chief Wolpi , a map of an underground city built and strengthened, and the heart of an ancient watch factory is located. The to Steampunk, reminding one of the works shows houses on huge clockwork mechanisms, in the middle of a Gear reminiscent of the clockwork Logo. Also the beautiful ambience of the texts revolve around the action, so NSC to movement are based-employees and other key meetings with the mayor Götz of course, in the tavern “pen and sword”. The village lives in a Setting-idea, of the crop of the very rare thinking herb, which strengthens the creative forces. What do you want to pay for loving the total package, is up to you. Any profit comes from the movement of publishing to good. A larger amount to the required sum, this is passed on to the publisher, it is not so much, put the money in other actions in favour of the movement publishing house, for example, winning games. The promotion runs until Christmas. "The Action Game master tips After Frosty was the last Time explained how an adventure NOT should start, he will deliver us in this time of opportunities, as it is a good start look can. And a good place to start is to Frostys Definition, a beginning, the players get in the action and your attention secures. "The Article Sweepstakes survey The July survey of the Schelms of four heroes, and rogue turns this time to the CCXP, Aranien and the movement publishing. You can win this time, one of 6(!) great prices. "The Survey DIY-Gaming In the second part of the series, in which the prankster programmed a small adventure game, he shows samples of how to figure its Skill and run Around to teach. "The Article Wiki Aventurica "The Knowledge that Ilaris communicates with the people, is irresponsible, and so they must be Silenced, because the goddess says: 'Even the Wisest can be the lure of the delusion or the Antihexarions succumb.' I deeply regret to have to make that decision, however, Ilaris should be banned and the seal of the Ouroboros, and the sphere ball must disappear." —from the temple to the halls of wisdom, annals Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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AVENT Uriah, dwarf blacksmith searches for ox-herd

It is the first step in the announced number to AVENT Uriah leads you to unicorn Sirius in the duel mode of the card game. Also discusses AVENT Uriah expert Hans Werner Grolm is the hero deck of dwarf wrought Arbosch, son of the Angrax. Terms that are just a little familiar, explains to Sirius in some Places. The contribution is aimed at both newbies as well as Advanced learners. And probably the post will also be of interest to people, the "Magic" play,... "On to a duel with the dwarf! Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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Review Mirror June 2019

After the reviewers of the Black eye in the last month diligently, the feathers swinging, let it be this month, up until shortly before the end of the month quite a bit. However, this was apparently not for the frenzied Engor with his Schreibgrolmen, he filled this month, but almost single-handedly the half mirror. Congratulations, Engor and the spring of the taunt song this month is clearly in your hands! Official Books Work Fanwerk Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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Forums level 2. Quarter of 2019

On a quarterly basis, we give an Overview of the downloadable DSA works by Fans, for Fans on the forums and possibly other pages. DSAforum Bards contest in 2019 Orkenspalter-Forum Memoria Myrana Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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Scriptorium Level-May/June 2019

Last month, the otherwise hardworking Ingerimm swung apparently and his Hammer. Maybe he was busy but also easy to ignite in Rahja, the fire of passion for beautiful works of art or to forge your a few timeless roses? Whatever it may have been, at the end of the band Rahja, a colorful bouquet, and both delivered their works in the Aventurischen scribes. May/INGerimm: June/RAHja: Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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From the Limbus: shiver me timbers! Mischievous on-the-go.

Today's From the Limbus revolves around... the shade, a drink, go for a swim, cooling off.. well it would be nice, why no one writes reports on ice and the far North for us? Well, it's rogue but it is Japanese, wet, a bit lazy. There are children's stories, Posing, Interviews, CCXP, and reports on old and new fan projects. Reviews The part-time heroes refuse the summer and just stay in the spring. Nice idea, if it's not a Lazy spring would be. The adventure can be played, so you might, without a struggle, to be launched, however, the part-time heroes, already in a bit of a Search & Find. For this, it has potential for further development, and also provides opportunities to link to more adventures. The Review contains a massive Spoiler (The section is marked), and is therefore suitable only conditionally for players who want to experience the adventure."The Article Engor will spoil us with another Review of a Fanwerkes. The short story collection the children of The 23. Ingerimm, in the framework of the eponymous project in the Orkenspalter Forum created (which you like to participate can). Engor is very excited about the collection and after reading the Review, I have to lead me truly to heart, and I hope you do also."The Article Self-promotion does not stink, at least on the Internet, because odors are not transferred. And when I say that it is a great Review for the adventures anthology game of intrigue & passion in Nandurion there is perhaps a bit redundant, because the further down the page already, but nevertheless, the pure truth."The Article Great Schelmerei Apparently, the prankster has put a lot of generation points in heat resistance! 3 great article I can present here this week. June Survey Results The survey of the Four heroes and the Schelmes on the subject of demons is drawn to the end, the winner of the contest. Now you can gain experience in reading, which Erzdämonen as a Pact donors are particularly popular, or what demons thought of the participants."The Article Interview with Daniel Jödemann The rogue and Daniel Jödemann have time for a very detailed Interview. It's about the new Dark times novels, of which the first volume of night's blood, just appeared but also to the ensuing volumes, the author of life, card draw, and all the Rest."The Interview Report of the CCXP After a long day a long report will follow, maybe he has but there is elven blood and must not sleep. So he's on the new fair CCXP to Köln made and you can his usual personal read report. In addition, he was also Co-presenter on the Ulisses on stage and in the Stream. Among other things, the Grolm was there and has talked about AVENT Uriah, why do I mention the extra? Pure self-interest, the same you see. "The Article"For The Twitch Stream AVENT Uriah Nanduria As already announced, will Nandurion in the future of the game AVENT Uria reports. In cooperation with the Grolm, there will be different deck meetings, the first coming on Thursday, I've read them already, look forward to what! Cover posing I mentioned the cover posing competition of the Nordcon in the last From the Limbus, which was really super fun, now can you look at the pictures really close to look. Let's go! "To the images A sailor's life is funny We continue with the series “role-playing game on the lake” at the thunder house. In Parts 3&4 the things that I believe that most role-players are especially wild on you. Namely, voyages, exciting and battles! Jaha! And the thunder of the houses are full of ideas! We will Board the article! Arrr! "Voyages exciting "Ship battles guide and shape Wiki Aventurica "You can say that the [RHEAS] important parts of its created, what we today call culture, so he is the one devised thirty Kusliker characters and he is also regarded as the Creator of the Like-game." —from the book of the serpent Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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Intrigue & Passion

Under the title game of intrigue and passion are three DSA5-adventure in Belhanka to an anthology together, which, for Crowdfunding trails of associations for the 2018 appeared. The bundled adventure is A game of Power and love , for example, a DSA5-adaptation of the eponymous adventure from the anthology of mask games and cabal 2011. More adventures in Belhanka, if necessary, for a city campaign, you can find in the Wiki Aventurica. Unicorn Felixilius has the three stories in the rahjagefällig most locality of Aventuria dedicated. He has tested for you to be confused on whether the webs of Intrigue, how exciting is the plot and the Surprises are included. Particularly well liked here, a aventuri cher novel hero. "To the reviews Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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New: AVENT Uriah in Nandurion!

We want to try to something New. We want to find out whether the Community not only for the classic P&P interested in, but also for collectible card games, more specifically for AVENT Uriah, the adventure card game. For Nottel and me, the project is a very personal concern, because we are Fans of this great game. We are probably not the Only ones to have taken a liking to AVENT Uriah. Therefore, we intend to publish in future posts, strategies and Guides to various hero decks. In addition, we will be working with the deck-building and the "Rating" of individual cards. Our comrade-in-arms Fenia was so excited that you have this new bombastic Logo beige controls has! Just this week, the project is burning under the nails, there is finally new products for AVENT Uriah appear. So it is, in particular, the "Set" and the 3. Edition of the basic rules, in this week's fresh Wind, and by the Community positive response, how about in the DSA Blog "Four heroes and a rogue" can be read. For such a project it needs good people, so that our Team line up looks like this: Nottel is primarily on the adventure mode crash. This mode is as cooperative as normal P&P. however, without a game Director. Hostile creatures like orcs, Goblins, skeletons, bandits and pirates operate directly out of the game, so that there is no "master" is needed that takes this into the field. It remains at the same time, that fighters, mages, Consecrated, and wilderness savvy characters must work together to be successful. Who sharpness of his talents, such as the Meaning, to Persuade or wilderness do not live in the right place uses, it will fail in the adventure mode. I focus on the duel mode, in which it is about different heroes with swords, Axes, and magic to turn against each other. The mode lives on the DSA-Flair, since there are the same types of Heroes, spells and liturgies, like DSA5. In duel mode, you can find that out the hard way, who is more dangerous: The nimble strays with the Rapier? Of chain armor-clad dwarf? The fire ball being ejected magician? The agile elf with the bow and arrow? In the project I am particularly pleased about the support of the world record holder: It is none other than AVENT Uriah expert Hans Werner Grolm, the us with its knowledge on hand. "What's the world record?", like you questions. Well, it is so that the Grolm (alias Alexander G.) all of the tournaments are won, there were 2018. Although there were "only" five, but the need to make it better someone! We believe that AVENT Uria fits here at Nandurion well, since there are countless Parallels to DSA5. There are even the same adventure, such as "The forest of no return", or "The ship of lost souls". You are allowed to distribute adventure points, talents increase, and you can upgrade to develop his hero through the deck-building continue to Refine. Moreover, it is undeniable that AVENT Uria game the spirit of our cherished role in the world is transported. And because you can describe the character of the adventure card game as a "ready-to-play", it might be a nice Alternative for people who have for traditional DSA to little time. So carefully in the coming period, because it is right to give quickly new one from us! We hope that this addition to our portfolio of fun. Maybe we can get even one or the other newcomers to AVENT Uriah to try out. Leave a comment your personal opinion! Your Sirius P. S. Here I have a couple of Links that be of interest to you... First of all, the Review of Nanduriat Nick-Nackhere in brief Form the main facts about the game in a Video summarizes: [embedded content] Continue to give us "Board game-News" HERE is a glimpse of the upcoming Highlights. Finally, it provides Nanduriat Nottel in the Scriptorium the classic adventure "The Wolf of Winhall" ready. It is aimed primarily at AVENT Uria-player, the focus on the adventure mode. It looks to you just in time! Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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From the Limbus: Conventions on the ears

Our current findings from the DSA data the limbus to rotate the Memoria Myrana, the current Aventurischen Messenger, the story of the agrimoth split TERS, Podgecaste, Nordcon gleaning, carnival, Ilaris, the game Manager stuff as well as old and new fan projects. Reviews Engor 's a review of the latest issue of the fanzine Memoria Myrana. Even if the official Myranor (again) Ekes out a shadowy existence, doing the tireless Fans in the Memoria your imp work and keep the world alive. And this can be truly proud of!"The Article Not a real Review, but better: The Literary Quartet to the current Aventurischen Messenger #195. The discussion of the content, it is the same with and read to her gets him. And also news are interspersed, obtained by the participants on the Nordcon, or otherwise, and give rise to the views in the Messenger, the one or other helpful Information."For The Video Once upon a time... the Agrimoth Splitter Soon appears to be Iron flame, the final part of the splinters of dusk in which the fate of the Agrimoth splitter rotates. Frosty of Frosty Pen&Paper Online has the story so far of the splitter and its carrier for you together again so you are well prepared to start the adventure can."For The Video Gleaning Nordcon If you take a trip, he can tell what. And if podcasters do a trip, meet and put together an impromptu Podcast recording, you can listen the home. Here is the common Podcast of the Nordcon with the played Out Podcast, the hitchhiker's guide to the fantasy, Frostcast, steam tinkerers natter and System Matters."To The Podcast A small report on the feeling on the Nordcon the Orkpiraten, in addition, the extremely entertaining and remarkable Video to the cover posing competition in 2019! You were all class! Really cool!"The Article Frosty was also active as a Blogger on the Nordcon, and has some of the Workshops attended and, of course, on the podcast meeting attended. Here is his report to the Con."The Article In his summary provides Frosty also the tip on the Twitter channel of Christina of Orkig in the taste of your notes to the workshop download can the I the nerve to time, and share the Link here also (Read still Frostys report *whip sound*)"To the notes of the Workshops Steam padded lens pouch case enjoys, of course, home advantage and all three days on the Nordcon, always in the middle. Here are his gleanings to the Hamburg Convention."The Article Also, my colleagues from were on the Nordcon, and have diligently getickert. In addition, there was an article about the Workshop Quo Vadis of the movement publishing house written, where Patric Götz commented on the state of things at the publishing house."The Article From this Workshop, our unicorns seifer and Queery tweeted diligently for Nandurion, as you can read here."The Nandurion Twitter Account On the Nordcon was awarded at the very end, the German role-playing game price. In the New online format has in the area of ‘Best text’ won. Congratulations! The overall winner in the area of Online the Rocket Beans, congratulations were!To game " the winners of the German role price Ulisses games at Conventions Ulisses games housed in a Stream of information for upcoming Conventions. Who is 3 hours too much time, it may be the case of Twitch watch. Who prefer short and crisp again read would like to, can Nuntiovolo where you do have the information, thankfully, and volunteers combined has."The Article Carnival of RPG-blogs It took a bit, but now there is the summary of the contributions of the carnival of the role blogs play in may to read on the topic of “magic systems in role-playing game”."The Article Intoxicated The latest carnival of RPG-blogs is of course known to be an intoxicant. Dnalor has a few intoxicating substances When conceived."The Article On the ears In the DORPCast it turns (after about 40min of view in other things), the question of what it actually is, if I don't am good in the game style I have chosen. So if I consider myself, for example, a wonderful character actor, but the others see it very differently? Or if you abstinkt playing in online all of a sudden, where there was local but so good. The DORPCast by the way, has won in the sub-area of the German role-playing game price in the area of Best audio format. Congratulations! "To The Podcast In the Eskapodcast is all about rules. Why to role players actually on it? Why are these rule books are so thick and you don't scare off newcomers rather? And how to get the mess under control?"To The Podcast Session 0 Tiefwasser_Dm deals on his Blog with the topic of Session 0. That is the game session assumes prior to the first adventure. The Charakterbau and the group agreements. How would you play together? What you should clarify before you start playing with a group and before it falls to the feet?"The Article Ilaris Countdown In the Ilarisblog first images of the upcoming print version of Ilaris 2.0 can be seen. Speak best for themselves."The Article Wiki Aventurica "For seven days celebrate the Beautiful goddess in the streets with colorful parades, dance and game. The wine flows in Streams, my heart, and indeed, it is easy to find a gallant, or a mistress, because in these days, Rahja, thank, almost everything is permitted." —Jacopo Alameida Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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Column: You need an elf

be in this world From Bart murmlern, Round and pointy ears, a lot of heroes, there are rounds. Our unicorn behind the screen, also Krassling called, makes use of this time thought to the often bow-armoured figures with long ears. We believe that it is so with Tolkien, and let's call "You have an elf in this world" before we are out of the light, to better set the column to read can. "So the elves have bows, finished, ... Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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Nandurion on the Berlin Board game Con, and RatCon Berlin 2019

This year I will visit, Felixilius, for Nandurion the Berlin Board game Con , and the attached RatCon. From there, I'll be live via Twitter about the latest news from the universe of the dark eye reports, news review and maybe a few words with the person responsible for Aventuria switch. Specifically, I hope to have a first look at the sequel to the splinters of dusk cycle - Iron flames and the announced regional game help to Thorwal to throw to. Unfortunately, there is to all these publications is still no solid release date, however, the timing of the new exhibition would offer for the first-half of 2019 perfect for this. The Berlin Board game Con, and the RatCon Berlin from the 19th century. to 21. July 2019 in the STATION Berlin. Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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From the Limbus: element-blown pirate

Our latest findings from the role play data the limbus turn to enemies, people-eaters, pirates, and other creatures of the sea, adventure, start, improvements, and continue the movement publishing house, as well as new and old fan project. Reviews Engor invites you to the Feast of the enemies and the recently released adventures of Jeanette Marsteller in-depth evaluation. The game of intrigue in Neetha is on the one hand, a lot of space for own ideas, for example, the orientation of a Solid or the creation of a cover identity, on the other hand, it can also be set, which represents, at least for Engor, a slightly hard contrast in the overall structure. The tangles seem as a game of intrigue are expected to be amusing and also to the antagonists, there is not much to complain about. "The Article To complain about is probably the girl from the new hero factory the girl and the man-eater , but it is silent reviewer Engor from. The new Heroes can be played as a continuation to the page. and also works with the rules, what Engor well. For experienced players, rather light fare, but also with the normal DSA5-rules playable."The Article The rogue and his four heroes drifting in the Land of the pirates around and search for cursed Gold, and kidnapped Thorwalern. Sounds both not looking so value for me, but who grabs a dwarf on a ship, just nervous. In any case, the result is very good and the speaker ranks is again praised extra."The Article Seafaring in the role-playing game Arrr, Leinen Los! It is also in the thunder house. The subject of seafaring in the role play and Plan a seafaring campaign are the subject of a multi-part series. A real hobby horse of the thunder häusler, like me, have totally determined investigative for you. That's why an article is not enough. In the first part of the great whole, before to go into Detail."You click it, you landlubbers! Oh, Yes, sure, I'm still Writing, and there comes already sailed part 2. This time it's about the team. What is the role of captain, officers, ship's doctor, specialists and the children on Board? How do the people in a small space, and especially how it handles a full crew in the role-play?"The Arrrtikel New for Ilaris The Countdown is on until the release of Version 2, and on the Ilarisblog you can now read the Top3 of the extensions. So there are more elementals and demons, your animal warrior, and blood can play owned and there are also new liturgies. For example, Tsas protection which can protect a character in a very special, beautiful way from death to life."The Article How not to start adventure should This is the theme with Frosty by Frosty the Pen and Paper. He leads three entrances that he can't start at all recommended, including a beach Tavern, and shows the Alternatives. "The Article Rogue close whisper The rogue whispers, and this time, what Set from AVENT Uriah, the manuals of the dragon, the scriptorium experience and Conausblicken."The Article Adventure Action Game of the elements, is the theme of the adventure action of the DSA forum. The Forum will be carried out regularly, join in the actions. The last of the bards competition, where today the Golden Lute to the winner*in will be awarded. Also, the action of A heart the beat of the Watch movement is still running. The now launched adventure action, calls to Write short scenarios with fundamental importance. In the run-up was voted on whether there should be a contest with prizes, and whether it worked out adventures or short be. Decided the User for something short without a competitive nature have. Therefore, it is an action and not a competition. All participants will receive a Badge and a review group ensures that everyone gets for his contribution, a detailed Feedback. Nothing is dumber than to make an effort and get no response. Time is up to 15. September."To Adventure Action Movement, Spring, Sword The Facebook event “a clockwork publishing and pen & sword save” is now a group has become, in the still of the current actions, Statements and News on the topic are shared."The Facebook Group Today at 15 o'clock on the Nordcon a Workshop of the clockwork publishing on the state of things. will try to feeds in the live Ticker to the Nordcon is the most important."To The Live-Ticker Gloria H. Manderfeld said in his Blog Nerd's thoughts very personally about why the movement publishing saved should be."The Article The gorse podcast has the movement, publishing on the topic. Clawdeen was also the question of whether you like the Podcast, with an emphasis sliver of the moon, continue to want to, not because of insolvency, but also because it is maybe not quite so regularly work with the podcast and also costs. But luckily for us, it makes more and also has a lot of plans for the future."To The Podcast the movement-assessment weeks call. You have also acquired new products? Then you can you in the Tanelorn Forum rate, and your rating goes into it."The Action Wiki Aventurica "We appreciate the freedom of the Wind, and not as a slave trader, and the bloody coins. Do you appreciate a good drink? Then, drink!"—Eilif Thunder Fist' Sigridsdottir, Thorwaler Pirate Captain Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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Passier impact on the DSA5-Page.

Unicorn Sirius leads a passing blow to the DSA5-Page. The secret of the dragon knight.Again and again, there was impetus to the promotion of young talent. To what extent contributes to the concern of the latest Box of Ulisses games to this Community, and has discussed Sirius in nine points. Since it is printed in the Box both physically, as well as the materials, also as PDF, he has also an optional tip for you. "The value on the DSA5-Page. Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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From the Limbus: In the heart of the Community

Our current view in the data limbus goes beyond DSA. The pending insolvency of the movement and pen & sword publishing has rocked the role-playing scene, but also more closely welded together, and after the echoes, for me personally, but also for many of you, yet. Of course, the fan projects that have dealt with something else to get your place, because in the fan works a lot of love and self-sacrifice in there, no matter what they turn. We also throw a spotlight on the German role-playing game price in 2019. Reviews After Engor may about the individual components of the DSA5-Page. has dedicated, he has now overall conclusion to the Box. The cuts for the purpose for which it is intended, very well. You may be real newcomers a great help. For experienced players, it does not offer much, but you should not even think in. Why Engor draws a positive conclusion, you can read in his Blog."The Article The fantasy author Dominik Schmeller has the DSA-Roman executioner by Dorothea not live for you to read and a Video book review conjured. A bit he complains to the refining of the story. He was not able to follow the story absolutely, because it happened a long time ago was that he has read the first two parts. In addition, the language falls out of Aventuria, even if he is a rating of the aventurischen Background, overall, rather positive. The characters and conflicts were able to score with him."For The Video Rogue close whisper Kai has to be the fourth rogue close whisper written, the time of nandurion worthy length. Here, too, is one of the themes of the movement publishing. Kai has shopped for a bit and some of myranor works spontaneously added as a further the profits of its June survey. The current DSA products, the Aventurischen Messenger, borongefällige noodles, which Stand on their own feet and much more."The Article Movement, Spring, Sword There was a very large response to the message, the movement, publishing and pen and sword publishing a bankruptcy is filed in. On the same day has Frosty of Frosty Pen&Paper Online a spontaneous Live Stream on the legs, dei the Ben of Ben&Paper, Chembael, Rattazustra from the thunder house, Mháire Stritter from Orkenspalter TV, Judith Vogt of the taskmasters and Roll Inclusive, seifer from Nandurion, and Daru also spontaneously appeared in. There, among other things, the role-playing game worlds of the movement were presented to the publisher in order to give all a glimpse of what all is affected by this message. Among other things, it comes to several Crowdfunding, such as the much-publicized Roll Inclusive. In addition, we also received further information on the movement of publishing and, in my opinion, especially good to talk to talk and to listen, in order to overcome the initial shock of something."To record the Streams Also, other Blogs, authors, or Youtube channels to be moved quickly. A good Overview about the overwhelming response has put together ."The Article In the meantime, it has become even more. So Engor recognizes, among other things, the great performance of the movement publisher for Myranor and Tharun."The Article The Roach of the roach product reports to word and supports the call to the publisher by the purchases in the publisher's own Shop to support."The Article Also Steam padded lens pouch case spontaneously a Podcast recorded. "To The Podcast The Riesländer logs also."The Article The authors Michael Masberg and Mike Krzywik-Great to have on your Blogs is also a word strongly expressed."The article by Michael Masberg"The article by Mike Krzywik-Large Nico and Mháire from Orkenspalter TV in front of the Background of the in cooperation with the movement of publishing incurred Fanfilms Space 1889: The Secret of Phobos a little bit about your own relationship to the publisher of sweet talk. If your the movie with a little less commentary, but more focus on the secrets of the Mars-moon watch want: There are still DVDs of the two and a half hour drive in the clockwork shop, whose proceeds will be entirely the publisher will benefit."To the Video on Youtube The Podcast 3w6 Fate PDFs ordered and spontaneous on Facebook to the three-year anniversary is giving away (unfortunately, in the past, when the limb appears, but I want to forget to mention) The image of the PnPNews article to the response in the Community has some so well-liked that it spontaneously on Facebook as profile pictures used have. PnPNews has put together a small graphic package with optimized images for various Social Media channels, forums, or banner spaces. The image contains parts of the movement logo. The use has been approved by the publisher. It all has to be in order. Commercial only you must not use it, of course."For The Image Package In the DSA Forum is turning to the new month of action also to the movement and pen & sword publishing. In the case of A heart the beat of the clock work, you will have the opportunity to other role-playing games or books from the two publishers to inspire. A Review, written writes a love letter to a game world, proclaimed a flaming Manifesto, or knock yourself out, otherwise creative. You need to be an accomplished author. Just be authentic. A offered splinters of the moon-demo lap was occupied, e.g., within a short period of time.You can even demo rounds of offer (e.g. online offers). Many of the DSA player*are curious about the New, there is often only on occasion. She offers! Anyone who takes part can win a Badge, under certain conditions, one of the four shards of the moon-rules as a PDF. "For The Forums Action The German role-playing game price The German role game, in its current Form, will be awarded in 2014, and emerged from the role of community in the game. Behind it, among other things, Karsten Voigt alias sheet pirate, which is also behind great things like the free role round or is.A: Thank you Karsten for your tireless Effort to the German role-playing game landscape! The prize is awarded by a Jury. In 2019, this Consists of: A few days ago, was now the Shortlist of the nominations will be announced. The final participants are, so to speak. From the nominations have three participants in the final round managed, including multiple of the movement publishing. This year, for the first Time a category for online formats, where here more often presented in projects such as OrkenspalterTV, The part-time heroes, and the young project PnPNews a place in the final secure could. The winner will be next Sunday on the Nordcon will be announced and their price is also take. We press all the nominees, the thumb! The Eskapodcast rises A highly exciting topic of current Eskapodcast is dedicated to. The leveling up of the characters. What rewards are Meaningful, where the fun comes in the level up, how to reward play a good role, and to prevent inconsistent Boost? And you can't completely avoid leveling up, if it is a matter of the inner development of the character? What is better? Fast or slow ascend? These and many other questions will be discussed."To The Podcast Bard contest – Who wins? The Bards contest in the DSA Forum is over. All the singers*interior gave it their Best. Now, the Golden Sounds have to be forgiven. Vote for the submission that has warmed your heart the most! Applauds and writes like, why you a song she liked. "To The Vote Conflicts in the role-playing table In the case of the part-time heroes you have with the following Hypothesis set: "The players represented on the role of a table game, the positions of their characters in communicative conflicts can often be more than you would your own." In order to descend deep down in the dark levels of conflict management. So deep that it is uncertain whether it will come back. The theme itself is actually very exciting. I've also been watching a lot of people play at the game table, the opinion of their characters completely motionless, however, the pulled often up in the game level. The offers still enough Material for another blog article."The Article Ilaris Countdown Curthan of Ilaris heralds the Countdown to the release of the second Version of its fanregel work. The beginning of his Top 3 things he has revised since Version 1. I particularly enjoy the new rules for speech like duels well."The Article Only today (Sunday): competition in StefZ If you hurry, you can still in the competition by StefZ radio plays on YouTube to participate. Running only on today, Sunday (9. June 2019). If your three questions to the radio plays of StefZ in the comments answer, can you a T-Shirt with the brand new, beautiful Logo to win. Good Luck!"For The Video You're looking for! A small call, I would like to put you to the heart. is looking for reinforcements. Sure you know the page and as you have noticed, she's also been nominated for the German role-playing game price. You have worked hard. I'm helping out sometimes in the Team, come because of my many other projects but to write there. But I can tell you: The Team is really class! Super nice people, great interaction and mutual support. Newbies get great training and support, there is even a manual. The Team has put into the culture of the project and the interaction very much. If you could imagine, from the consumer to switch to the Mach page, then you are lifted there. Only Courage!"To Call Wiki Aventurica “There is nothing that can, what we write, but that doesn't mean that we can write about anything.”—Baltram of liepen Berg, Senior editor of the Aventurischen Messenger Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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Clockwork publishing is the collapse of the application

It's been a while that we were able to report at Nandurion about the projects of the movement publishing. All the more unpleasant to us, has caught today's news: The publisher announces that he has submitted to the Cologne district court an application for insolvency. The same is true for the daughter of the publisher pen & sword. According to the press release of the publishing house was of an inability to pay leading circumstance is not predictable. The publisher even exists currently and will try the existing projects, such as, for example, continuous Crowdfunding, and advanced regular volumes as well as possible. Not you will participate in the announced Eulencon, whose future is unfortunately uncertain, and the co-organizer of the Board game box Dinslaken depends. On the upcoming Nordcon the Uhrwerker will be, however, as planned, with a booth on-site. You should be the publisher to do something Good, and for the completion of as many as possible of planned works ensure want, it is certainly useful, there and in the Webshop, access, where, according to the publishing staff, in particular, the purchase of PDFs would help. The Echo in the network, arrived promptly. In addition to various expressions of sympathy via Twitter, Facebook and forums are several Videos of DSA-Youtubers planned, including a live stream of Frosty tonight at 19:30. The Nanduriaten press the Uhrwerkern in any case, all available Hooves. Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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From the Limbus: Intoxicated by adventures

Our current view in the DSA-data limbo reveals to us trollige Boobs, river country, self-promotion, intoxicated carnival, rhymes, dreams of Power, written adventures as well as stories from the old and new fan projects. Reviews The Review of the Page. in Engor goes on. This time the rule book and the regional description of the ridge of rock on it, which are attached to the Box. The two small game AIDS are used to play on the Box of Aventuria? More information, please ask Engor, the now-slowly but surely, with his Review on the final highlight of an overall assessment of growth."The Article Is a dispute as to game help The flow of the country gave it this week at Nandurion. Oh No, Self-Promotion! You're not supposed to? Yes, damn it, because to read it is absolutely worth it! Ok, damn it, you are not allowed to write, I vow to improve! But only if you go read the now well-behaved: It is very good!"The Article Who thinks of Troll Boobs on something that is to be found in the way of the Association to, not only errs, he should clean up his language. Trolls just love these cute little animals and those found naturally in Aventurian animal companions. So at least it makes the Review of the game help in the case of the part-time heroes guess."The Article Carnival of RPG-blogs The theme in June is "an intoxicant in the role-playing game" and will call the Blog "From the shadows" out. Personally, I'm a bit at loggerheads with the theme and if I run, are drugs banned addicts characters. Role-play self-power but high enough, or how do you see that?"To The Carnival Topic For June 2019 Whispered Contest Poetry A little bit high, also makes the last Schelmerei. He rhymes us where the demons, at Ulisses games in the future living. Also on the pirates, you can wait eagerly. There are dragons game, and birthday cake, but on the festivals you can look for enemies."To the article without pimples Just in time for the Appear of the From the Limbus, the June survey sweepstakes shows up at the mischievous the horizon. It is suitable for appearing pandaemonium, to demons. I have to admit that I was in pandaemonium is always a bit of Pandamonium to think must..., unfortunately there are nowhere as an Option in the survey. To win there is something the demon book, the adventure Feast of the enemies , and the novel The Paktiererin."The Survey DSA-Stories In Phexarius it is now the second part of the DSA Stories. In the first part of it went to game reports of dust and stars. This time it's the adventure of A dream of Power and the lethality of non-shared information. Some groups you can't trust easily."For The Video Adventure! In the DSA Forum will soon be the adventure, the action start. Issue is, after a tight vote “game of the elements“ be. At the exact tender is filed. How to make an adventure because, actually, on paper, is practically the topic of the current Podcast System Matters."To The Podcast Bahamuths Dungeon After the first two Parts of his series "The Dungeon, the unknown beings" is Curthan of Ilaris Blog of his criticism, and the theory now the practice to follow. For this, he has the Dungeon from the adventure Bahamuths reputation as a hero Playground designed and a troupe of adventures hunted. With this great Dungeon, his little mini-series ends. We hope that your many more to follow!"The Article Time travel Wished everyone probably already, travel back in time and correct mistakes or in the future, and the sports almanac in the presence of get. In reality, yet only in Fiction, but in Fiction, often times reality. What are the chances and risks and offers a game with a time travel in the role? The thunder house has brought a couple of Considerations for you."The Article Wiki Aventurica Suitable for carnival, to me, is tolerable seductive list of addictive things: Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate© Nandurion

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- Crunch said: I guess I've seen some videos in English on their channel. Hope they'll do some more.

- Stipen said: Simia is considered female by diamond dwarves and male by all the rest. Actually, it doesn't matter much, since all gods in Aventuria are sexless.

- MrP said: i wish u luck

- Merci said: Really really impressive.

- Merci said: Wow, I love Nadine. She is the best!

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The English version of the website is officially up!

May the Twelve be with you, dear Limbus wonderers. Welcome to the English version of the website. The original Russian version dates back to August 2005 and contains loads of information and media related to The Dark Eye. On some point it became quite popular with non-Russian speakers, so it was decided to create a separate locale for the English speakers. We hope you’ll find it useful.