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Under the earth Myranors – The Muriden


Errata MyZa

Under the earth Myranors – The Muriden (2019)
by Philipp Mählmann

A game help about the species of the Muriden (rats, humans).
The extensive in-game help, includes in addition to the species – and cultural descriptions of Chapter to skills specific professions and Special, as well as the advantages and disadvantages. The magical traditions and priesthoods, a history part, something to muridischen weapons and armor, and the muridische rats and fungi are included in breeding. More chapters to the cities of the Muriden, legends, and Mysterious, muridische and other personalities, scenario ideas and more archetypes are also part of the game help. The Chapter ‘An open secret – the rats among us’ also serves to integrate the non-official species of the Muriden easier to the official Myranor. Everything is prepared in the DSA 4.1 control system.

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