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Clockwork publishing is the collapse of the application

It’s been a while that we were able to report at Nandurion about the projects of the movement publishing. All the more unpleasant to us, has caught today’s news: The publisher announces that he has submitted to the Cologne district court an application for insolvency. The same is true for the daughter of the publisher pen & sword.

According to the press release of the publishing house was of an inability to pay leading circumstance is not predictable. The publisher even exists currently and will try the existing projects, such as, for example, continuous Crowdfunding, and advanced regular volumes as well as possible. Not you will participate in the announced Eulencon, whose future is unfortunately uncertain, and the co-organizer of the Board game box Dinslaken depends. On the upcoming Nordcon the Uhrwerker will be, however, as planned, with a booth on-site. You should be the publisher to do something Good, and for the completion of as many as possible of planned works ensure want, it is certainly useful, there and in the Webshop, access, where, according to the publishing staff, in particular, the purchase of PDFs would help.

The Echo in the network, arrived promptly. In addition to various expressions of sympathy via Twitter, Facebook and forums are several Videos of DSA-Youtubers planned, including a live stream of Frosty tonight at 19:30.

The Nanduriaten press the Uhrwerkern in any case, all available Hooves.

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