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Scriptorium Mirror July 2019

During the last month Praios ruled, took place in the city of light, allegedly, a Meeting of the servants of the nameless, which in the connection trying to bring a demonic work among the crowd. The servants of the Heavenly judge are about such Goings-on, of course, extremely indignant.

While the order of the Holy Keeper of such a plant immediately eagerest in your gift closets banished, was below listed work of writing after a thorough examination, however, as the distribution of the population worthy to be perceived, and thus for the Aventurischen scribes released.

I remember in the context of the fact that it is next to the mirror with the monthly releases also regularly updated, but especially thematically sorted scriptorium sending reports to Simias work bench is that you hopefully your search within since the opening of the Scriptoriums published works, simplified.

Warning: this article was automatically translated
from German and might be inaccurate
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