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Scriptorium Mirror December 2019

This month Hesinde opened round the Mirror and also the new contribution year in Nandurion. At the same time she looks in the scriptorium level of the year 2019. To be invited to this occasion, she comes to the meeting full of experiments and conversations. This could be the RHEAS, Xeledon and Mokoscha of course not to be missed. There are also rumors Agrimoth been spotted. In any case, was eagerly discussed, and argued, and their results, of course, also writing in different languages recorded. And there’s Know finally, also widely heard, brought offices a bevy of snakes and Gotongi the result quickly in the Aventurischen write.

Also by the action of the zantac LAUTH least a little fallow scriptorium over-layers were still quickly back to the current date.

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from German and might be inaccurate
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