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Review: Emperor-Raul-Convention 2018

Rückblick: Kaiser-Raul-Konvent 2018

With the solemn gathering of all the participants is yesterday, the second Emperor-Raul Convention to an end. The again at the Relexa Hotel Frankfurt, to be held at the end of the Deluxe Convention attracted this time, 120 DSA-players, of which about 80 participants were already for the second Time. The 25 rounds of play on Saturday and Sunday were conducted by the Ulisses provided by Panther guard. In numerous Panels and Workshops on Sunday, information about upcoming publications and to the development of new AVENT Uriah extensions, and adventure worked collected.

Highlights of the event were the Keynote address on Friday evening, when, among other things, the auction of Grimring, the blade of Destiny in favor of the bears heart Foundation 2.900€ posted by Ulisses-games and a generous 4,000€, rounded up and one by George R. R. Martin signed edition of The Dark Eye rulebook, the 400€ is scored and the family of André Wiesler .

Another Highlight is the group game on Saturday evening, in which all the participants had by your share of an important program point of the All-Aventurian Convention of the magic 1041 BF was.

Detailed information about the advertised products and Aventurian events will be announced Ulisses in the next days and weeks, while we lock only after the expiry of the requested Press-on 01. May be reports.

So much can be revealed in advance: For me (and hopefully all other participants) was the very familiar Convention, in spite of an unpleasant Fire service on Saturday evening, great fun and a resounding success, and I look forward to welcoming many of the navigation player and Ulisses employees on a hopefully to be held in KRK 2019 reunion.

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