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Review: Nostalgic return to the bristle cattle

Aventuria Rückkehr zum Schwarzen KeilerThe living world is an important and unique feature of “The dark eye”. Add to that a 35-year-old Tradition, which leads to Aventuria generated in me the feeling to get home or to a familiar place to return to. Emblematic for this purpose, taverns and Inns which have for many DSA player*interior is of special importance. Suitable for this purpose have a Retro title, a lot of followers, what works, such as return to the forest of no return , and the Emperor-Retro-Box, to prove it.

The Old-School wave, of course does not make also before the AVENT Uriah, the well-known adventure card game, stop. Nottel has on behalf of the editorial Board dared, in the famous tavern in the area. This was a Review to return to the Black boar, which is also exciting facts to Azaril and scarlet, herb , and other notorious NPC contains. The read is definitely worth it. And already now we point out that a Review of the AVENT Uria-Set will follow. So stay alert…

“But once it goes back to the Black boar.

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