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Review: Aventurian Animal Companions

Initial disbelief, coupled with subsequent curiosity led Alt-unicorn Krassling to Review the in-game help “Aventurian animal companions”. Ironic a spicy mixer in this case is his penchant for chickens, because they have special skills. From his experience, he gives a few tips on how the game can be with such companions deal with it.

To us on the topic of “animals in the role-play” properly in the mood, listen, we briefly in a conversation between two patrolling guards in the Action role-playing game the Witcher 3:

– “The sparrows peep, and starlings chirping.”
– “What is it jackdaws?”
– “Jackdaws cawing, gold finches call trolling and cranes, while peacocks scream. Hawks scream and the larks Trilling and cooing doves.”
– “Hmm… and what about the nightingales?”
– “Oh, right: nightingales sing.”

“Enough listening, we are here to read more.

Warning: this article was automatically translated
from German and might be inaccurate
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