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Raven’s heritage in the space-Check


The Romanduo Raven’s heritage , and Raven’s Federal by Heike Wolf and the prologue to the upcoming Al’Anfa campaign. Important circulation processes for the South Aventuria to be implemented, with the focus of a campaign of Al’Anfa against the Kemi Empire.

The two novels are, however, still before the outbreak of the war in the metropolis itself, and shed light on the previous power play among the Grand houses to the control of the project as a whole. In October 2017 appeared the first part of Raven’s heritage has now space looked at. The conclusion is largely positive, however, to a lesser extent in the dramaturgy, in particular the Transition to the Raven’s Federal subject.

Raven’s legacy is an exciting and successful book, but rather to the aventurischen connoisseur. If some of it is explained, one is quickly overwhelmed, especially with regard to the different groups or political conditions. The book lives from its dense aventurischen atmosphere and the dirty intrigues. The pervasive decadence of the giants is also well illustrated. […] Some, such as the conflict of two assassin guilds is only hinted at, and a few allusions seem a little exaggerated. Even if the book is a two-parter, which is mainly due to the large extent missing from the first volume of an exciting between final. Everything is set up and the action prepares the voltages for the second part.

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