The Dark Eye

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Questions & Answers

Is there such thing as priest of Satinav?
Will the English publications be available?
Can dwarves be mages?
Where can I get free charsheets?
Which monster is the strongest?
Are orks and goblins playable?
Why is Drakensang so underrated???
Why was Nameless previously called the Golden One? Why gold?
How do you pronounce Chaleba?
What do Kuslik signs look like?
Who is the evilmost char in TDE???
What does Ulisses Spiele mean?
Are there supernatural powers other than magic?
Can witch familiars talk?
Why don’t warriors use poisons?
Who is Pardona?
Do elves ever sleep?
Is Simia male or female?
What kind of game is Imman?
Why are Aventurian orks called coal-pelts?

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