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Open letter of Aventuria is a project

Open letter to the DSA Community

Love the players, love the game lines,
we are the Assets of the Aventuria is a project, want to make you aware that we have had in the last few months, a strong loss of members and is now facing major problems. Or, to put it quite brutally: The completion of further publications is in acute danger; a the end of the project is in the range of the Possible.

The years 2013 and 2014 were the most successful figures in the history of the project: Our download in the thousands; the scene looks favourably on the content and quality of our publications and hard cover volumes were, and are, an absolute novelty in the DSA-area: First-time non-official DSA published products through Ulisses and distributed. In official publications has crept in long ago, the name of Aventuria for the Riesland. There are now numerous game groups and we have received consistently positive Feedback, both on the Internet as well as to Cons. You might think that a fan project might actually climb higher.

But we have to admit that it goes on like this. Many Projektler are already for many years active; some are for more than 7 years. An enormous amount of time for a Non-profit project that eats up hundreds of hours for comparatively little reward.
With advancing age, other things take priority: work, family, Interest, lack of opportunities for the Hobby in General. The project has been supported by people who care for the Riesland with the commitment of a full time job – and dozens of nights in front of the screen, around the ears beat.

Now we are at a point where these dedicated people are on two hands countable. We can bear no Con-actions, and also the current projects (“the book of the Dark arts”, the magic band, as well as “Behind the sword”, our Geographia) have made little progress. An additional hurdle to the introduction of DSA5: We need to appear for all future publications to DSA5, if we want to preserve the opportunity, as a Hardcover. Since the upcoming game AIDS are almost finished, but on DSA4.1 is based, would have to be rewritten again, or – under tremendous time pressure quickly prior to the establishment of DSA5 be published. A fact that might have demotivated many of our members.

We have now made the decision that we will make the world band “Behind the sword”. He’s supposed to do without rules, independent of the system, and numerous Links, adventure ideas and plot threads contain, among other things, with Aventuria are fully compatible.

I want to tell you today, on behalf of the Team invite us to help in the completion of this fourth volume. We need artists, authors, Layout and copy-editing enthusiasts – in short: We need fresh, creative blood.
If HdS is the sad but brilliant conclusion, or the start of another great fan products, it will show.

Anyone who is interested to be a part of the largest DSA-fans ‘ project, the only immortal glory and recognition, but a large Portion of responsibility, influence, and design freedom in the elaboration of the Fucking continent, not waving.

Therefore, my invitation: Save the Riesland!


PS: In this Thread ( is tuned the further strategy and course of action. Any opinion, idea or criticism is welcome.

© Rakshazar

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