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New: AVENT Uriah in Nandurion!

We want to try to something New. We want to find out whether the Community not only for the classic P&P interested in, but also for collectible card games, more specifically for AVENT Uriah, the adventure card game.

For Nottel and me, the project is a very personal concern, because we are Fans of this great game. We are probably not the Only ones to have taken a liking to AVENT Uriah. Therefore, we intend to publish in future posts, strategies and Guides to various hero decks. In addition, we will be working with the deck-building and the “Rating” of individual cards. Our comrade-in-arms Fenia was so excited that you have this new bombastic Logo beige controls has!

Just this week, the project is burning under the nails, there is finally new products for AVENT Uriah appear. So it is, in particular, the “Set” and the 3. Edition of the basic rules, in this week’s fresh Wind, and by the Community positive response, how about in the DSA Blog “Four heroes and a rogue” can be read.

For such a project it needs good people, so that our Team line up looks like this: Nottel is primarily on the adventure mode crash. This mode is as cooperative as normal P&P. however, without a game Director. Hostile creatures like orcs, Goblins, skeletons, bandits and pirates operate directly out of the game, so that there is no “master” is needed that takes this into the field. It remains at the same time, that fighters, mages, Consecrated, and wilderness savvy characters must work together to be successful. Who sharpness of his talents, such as the Meaning, to Persuade or wilderness do not live in the right place uses, it will fail in the adventure mode.

I focus on the duel mode, in which it is about different heroes with swords, Axes, and magic to turn against each other. The mode lives on the DSA-Flair, since there are the same types of Heroes, spells and liturgies, like DSA5. In duel mode, you can find that out the hard way, who is more dangerous: The nimble strays with the Rapier? Of chain armor-clad dwarf? The fire ball being ejected magician? The agile elf with the bow and arrow?

In the project I am particularly pleased about the support of the world record holder: It is none other than AVENT Uriah expert Hans Werner Grolm, the us with its knowledge on hand. “What’s the world record?”, like you questions. Well, it is so that the Grolm (alias Alexander G.) all of the tournaments are won, there were 2018. Although there were “only” five, but the need to make it better someone!

We believe that AVENT Uria fits here at Nandurion well, since there are countless Parallels to DSA5. There are even the same adventure, such as “The forest of no return”, or “The ship of lost souls”. You are allowed to distribute adventure points, talents increase, and you can upgrade to develop his hero through the deck-building continue to Refine. Moreover, it is undeniable that AVENT Uria game the spirit of our cherished role in the world is transported. And because you can describe the character of the adventure card game as a “ready-to-play”, it might be a nice Alternative for people who have for traditional DSA to little time.

So carefully in the coming period, because it is right to give quickly new one from us!

We hope that this addition to our portfolio of fun. Maybe we can get even one or the other newcomers to AVENT Uriah to try out.

Leave a comment your personal opinion!

Your Sirius

P. S.

Here I have a couple of Links that be of interest to you…

First of all, the Review of Nanduriat Nick-Nackhere in brief Form the main facts about the game in a Video summarizes:

[embedded content]

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Finally, it provides Nanduriat Nottel in the Scriptorium the classic adventure “The Wolf of Winhall” ready. It is aimed primarily at AVENT Uria-player, the focus on the adventure mode. It looks to you just in time!

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