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Mada Day

The Mada Day takes place on the first Earthday of Praios and is celebrated by many spellcasters. Magicians commemorate Mada, who has brought magic to people and especially like to practice the dance of the Mada on this day.
Often there are arguments with the simultaneous Praios festivities.

Great Tournament

The Great Tournament takes place in Gareth. It starts on the 1st of Praios and lasts eight days.

Griffin Day

The Griffin Day is celebrated in Hôt-Alem every year in memory of the victory over the troops of the Wudu Empire at the Battle of Hôt-Elem.

Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is the day with the longest sunshine duration of the year. Therefore, it is traditionally celebrated as the highest celebration of the sun god Praios. In Myranor you celebrate the day as a sunny day in honor of Braian. In the Principality of Kosch one knows the day as Praios-turn.
Also many shamanistic cultures celebrate this day.