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Mishkara stretches out the Claws: KRK, GRT and all the Rest

The disease goes around. The Corona-Virus COVID-19 does not appear to have noticed yet that the disease plots under game ends rather unpopular, and a large global campaign started. This also has consequences in role-playing circles:

Ulisses wrote, among other things, in-house Discord (cited from Nuntiovolo), the ab held today Kaiser-Raul-Convention due to the costs associated with cancel wool, but all Participating are free, your the cards free of charge to cancel. Who leaves with a voucher for the F-Shop instead of cash to pay, gets 100 € (also available in voucher form).

The free role round, however, recommends that each of the Organizing, its actually for the morning-thought-out rounds to move – either into the future or into the Virtual. Under the Hashtag #GRTonline to be found in the social media groups together, the the day by means of the online rounds are committing want. The creators of the 3W6 Podcast have a Trello Board to run in the own rounds or for which can log.

This is a call that we want to connect in General. Most of the Offline role-playing game rounds include a arrival and during the game are also a couple of hours on a short distance, talking to each other and used sometimes even strangers cubes (sacrilege!). These are not fair circumstances, but taking a risk is obviously present, and the delay of the Virus, which is now necessary in order for our health care system is not overloaded, it works better if we reduce all risks as far as it goes.

Blick in den Limbus Beitragsbild

Should you wish to your regular rounds, temporarily, to the power shift, we present here a few resources:

  • First of all, would be as Nick-Nacks series the limbus games, the part on Nandurion and partly on his Youtube channel to find, and in which he discusses how an online round expires and what are the special features.
  • Also worth noting, of course, remains the online game stock market dragon forcefor the past years groups and to team peak server gamble. In most of the rounds you can hear without much effort once.

Away from the game, we want to still be in on the action #neighbourhood challenge point, with the help of Natascha Strobl asked for, at-risk groups – people over 65, with pre-existing conditions or a weak immune system – to help and, for example, neighbors, offer, purchases to or with the dog to go out. You are playing role-playing games, you know, like Quests for the stricken population to work. Watch on yourself and on others.

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