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Michael Masberg sold his DSA collection

Blick in den LimbusA while back we had nothing more to report by Michael Masberg. The former DSA author had on his Blog back in February of 2017, to its withdrawal from the Black eye will be announced. In June of 2018 he shared with, well, his last project, the novel the forge of doom, not to the end of the lead to and cooperation with the Ulisses publishing house finally quit.

Now , Michael Masberg, we have such great adventures, such as Bahamuths reputation, but also publications to Maraskan, the dragon chronicle , and much More thanks, another step done. The long-time DSA Fan sold his extensive collection! In addition to a new space in the apartment to the proceeds of the action books for pigs to one-half of the Association piglets happy for the benefit.

His collection offers Masberg on ebay for sale, including many long-out-of-print works. We hope that some of you find the right man and the pig will benefit.

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