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Memoria Myrana and the Riesland Project cooperation

Memoria Myrana und das Riesland-Projekt

Already at the beginning of 2018, with the issue 49, the fanzine Memoria Myrana has changed from a purely Myranian fan magazine to a fan magazine for all non-Aventurian. In the last four issues came therefore, in addition to articles on the continent Myranor, Tharun and Vesayama as well.

For a short time, the Memoria Myrana and the Riesland project have been working together, and so from issue 53 there will also be articles on Rakshazar in the fanzine.

The Riesland conquers Myranor!

Thousands of giants, trolls, orcs and gunnarmans are marauding through the Empire. The Thearch had already his head on the guideline Gortschak-Suls, the ax slayer! Everywhere the call of the new god of war Kuros sounds. We are lost …

Well, it will not be that bad, on the contrary. The Rieslanders (makers of the Rakshazar project) and Memoria Myrana are working together to make sure that Memoria Myrana really becomes a fanzine for the black eye world outside Aventuria. In the future, the magazine will also feature short adventures, articles and archetypes from Rakshazar. Large publications, such as the upcoming Game Aid to the Valley of Lawsuits or Adventure Anthologies, will continue to appear on Orkenspalter. The editorial work on all Rakshazar texts in the Memoria Myrana will continue in the project area of ​​the Orkenspalter Forum. So in all of those where Rakshazar is on it, Rakshazar is in it too.

Roland Hofmeister, better known as Dnalor the Troll, who has already written articles on Tharun for the Memoria Myrana, ensures a smooth contact between the projects.

The beginning will be an adventure in issue 53, which takes the heroes inside an ice giant. Will they be able to stop the giant before he destroys the city of Kurotan?

May Kuros help us!

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