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Column: the future of role-playing

Hinter dem SchirmAlt-unicorn Krassling this Time, the basic question of where and how the P&P role-playing game in itself is. On the basis of personal experiences and observations over a long period of time in this Hobby, it highlights the developments from the beginnings up to the present. In doing so, he identified currents from other areas, the changes in the role-play driven and continue to influence it.

Even Gary Gygax, the so-called father of the role-playing game, experienced the emergence of computer games as a competitor and knew the following anecdote to contribute:
“There is no intimacy; it’s not live. [about online games] It’s being translated through a computer, and your imagination is not there the same way it is when you’re actually together with a group of people. It reminds me of one time where I saw some children talking about whether they liked radio or television, and I asked one little boy why he preferred radio, and he said, ‘Because the pictures are so much better.'”

Just for the future, the last word is not spoken and your experiences and views on the further development of the P&P role-playing game are in demand. What forecasts would you dare?

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