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Intrigue & Passion

Under the title Intrigen & Leidenschaftgame of intrigue and passion are three DSA5-adventure in Belhanka to an anthology together, which, for Crowdfunding trails of associations for the 2018 appeared. The bundled adventure is A game of Power and love , for example, a DSA5-adaptation of the eponymous adventure from the anthology of mask games and cabal 2011. More adventures in Belhanka, if necessary, for a city campaign, you can find in the Wiki Aventurica.

Unicorn Felixilius has the three stories in the rahjagefällig most locality of Aventuria dedicated. He has tested for you to be confused on whether the webs of Intrigue, how exciting is the plot and the Surprises are included. Particularly well liked here, a aventuri cher novel hero.

“To the reviews

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