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Heinzig News: Heinzcon & Under EGGER-Call

Heinz als BeholderGood news: The Heinzcon 2020, the future of the insolvency of the movement, publishing was unclear, at 6. to 8. March to take place, the ticket sale has just started. Not-so-good news: Probably for organisational reasons, will not take care of the publishing house to apartments and Breakfast, an early reservation is therefore advisable. Recommendations on the publisher’s website.

“To The Site

Also good news: Stefan Unteregger, some DSA-Playing, perhaps, as the author of small adventures as the Quanionsqueste and of the splinters of dusk adventure soul harvest is known, is again on the Heinz Workshop keep. Bad news: He still does not know what. Very good news: He has carelessly invoked via Twitter suggestions. In past years, he has, for example, the issues of “adventure writing”, “travel adventure” and “Dungeons” to be treated. Us Nanduriaten would his views on “divinity and Religion in role-playing game” of interest, which in the case of both of the above adventures as well as the sliver moon-adventures on The Silk city have played a role is likely. Also, the “role-playing game with children” could be an interesting topic, and to “role-play adventure for beginners” like a author of the sliver moon, Central-box the exciting insights of Europe have. Do you have any other suggestions? Then you can write us in the comments, it beckons immortal (but at least one workshop length-lasting) glory!

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