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Engors Dereblick looks beyond the cloud forest

Beyond the cloud forest

Engor his Dereblick to Myranor to wander and look at the game help Beyond the cloud forest – Geographia Bansumitis .
As in , Under the stars, the pillar , the Northern part of Myranors described has been treated Beyond the cloud forest, the southern regions of the continent. The new regional band from Engors point of view creates a successful connection to the high level of its predecessor. Why Engor also calls strongly for the continuation of Myranor products at Ulisses.

Again provides the Myranor-Team is a remarkable example of an intense and loving engagement with the game world: Beyond the fog of the forest is a very vivid description of the myranischen South, everywhere to be found, in addition to the descriptive passages, dealing with the sober facts deal, adventure events, in which regional-specific events as presented are that the players incentives to Remain supply.

One way or the other returns Beyond the cloud forest, a strong plea for a continuation of Myranor-products, many of the hinted stories cries out for elaboration and concretization, and prove that the creators still have any ideas on how the game world come alive in a scene, can. In this regard, I would like to appeal for a continuation of Myranors by the responsible Ulisses games and underline: it’s worth It!

If you check the game help in the context of the assessment project rate want to, please follow this Link.

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