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Engor and the Ship in the Bottle

Das Schiff in der Flasche

DSA-adventure-critic Engor revels in the past and has for its Retro-reviews of the Solo adventure , The ship in the bottle by Arne Gniech, Reiner Kriegler and Marc Zwinz dared. Despite the lack of player freedom, he is impressed by the solo adventure due to its dense narrative.

The ship in the bottle , for me, is still the solo adventure with the best background story. The dominance of the narrative approach brings with it, of course, the players, the particularly preferred free approaches, is handled less well. However, this freedom can be supported, e.g., by resorting to the offer of the transformation of the group adventure. The big Plus of the solo adventure is in the beautiful narrative style of the authors that have created thick descriptions a very lively atmosphere. Who wants to spend a few pleasant hours with a great story in Aventuria, you’re served well here, with a few historical facts, you can move the adventure in the present-day Aventuria.

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