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Engor looks on from the distance, from Beyond the Cloud Forest

Engor Jenseits des Nebelwalds

With the release of the long awaited Myranor-South-bands Beyond the Cloud Forest, adopted the movement-the publishing, after nine years of Aventuria, since the DSA-licenses known to be back in the home Ulisses games combines. Reason enough for bloggers Engor, a sentimental of feedback on the movement publications from the long overlooked Western continent to the hollow world, Tharun to throw. Despite the sometimes long lead time and difficulties with the DSA5-synchronization of the movement-Verlag in Engors eyes with its high-quality publications, and its exemplary customer care has set a high Standard to hold it for Ulisses Games.

The density of successful publications, I think, very remarkable: the new edition of The Lamea campaign Beyond the horizon ofs, for example, is a side-powerful epic, though by a relatively rough style in the plot description, but in the whole, for me the best Explorer band for DSA. The two volumes of the guardians of the Empire’s campaign to prove that, even without a meta-plot, epic Events, and large-scale Action is possible.

Thus, it remains for me, finally, to the Team of the movement’s publishing for many exciting hours with your products to thank, with the hope that Ulisses on this excellent work to continue (which I due to the existing potential, however, to go out).

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