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A jubilee year comes to an end

This year, the Memoria Myrana was able to celebrate its 15th anniversary. But since we are just an Online Fanzine with employees from all over Germany, there was no big staff Party. Instead, we have tried to give you something.
In issue 53 we had for the first Time When a new continent, which we now at six apart aventurian regions. Even if two (Uthuria and Ras Tabor) of which, as yet, no article in the magazine will have. Who wants to change can send us on Info(at) one or more articles.
13. March was Nandurion then an Interview about the anniversary published in the four from our Team the questions of the unicorns have. There you can a lot about the history of Fanzines to read.
It followed shortly afterwards, four unofficial Errata-game assistance to Myranor, and Tharun, which we have for Download on our Homepage ready to put in.
Of course, there were the expenditure, 54 and 55, the 45 and 50 pages, quite extensive goods.
Throughout this period, we worked tirelessly on the most comprehensive range of Myranor-Fan-game help, and so we could you on the 31.10. with ‘Under the earth Myranors – The Muriden’ is a Fan-game help, with 154 pages to present.
Our spending series, we closed on the 04.12. with almost 100 pages of issue no. 56 from.
But that was not all, because in the advent calendar of Nandurion were in the door no 6, 12, 16 and 20 , each new game guides for the Region Ochobenius offered for Download and in door no. 22 , nor is it a short adventure. All of them come from our spring.

This makes a total of four issues, nine AIDS, and an adventure which, together, have a circumference of 515 pages and Material for four derische Setting include.
We hope that we were able to give a gift with all the Material the DSA-Fans of the regions outside of Aventuria rich and wish you a happy new year.

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from German and might be inaccurate
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