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A first look at the book the Sound

A first look at the book of the Blade

Coming soon! Just in time for the RPC the register of the Sound (BdK). Reason enough to take a close look at the latest work of Aventuria is a project.

We begin with the obvious: arms, armor, and war machine! Alone, more than 100 pages are filled with the whole range of weapons, armor, chariots, and war machines. Of course, the Arsenal is illustrated throughout, as is the Rest of a total of over 200 pages.
From the fist wedge up to the super heavy siege weapons on the backs of armored war-beasts, all weapons and armor types of the Cursed continent. The Arsenal consists of two Parts: on the one hand, the three historical development stone age, bronze age and iron age levels. This part of the book was so General, that use of outside Rakshazars is possible, for example, for aventurian tribal cultures.

On the other side of the pure when of Arsenal part, covering the specific weapons and armor of the various riesländischen cultures.

The BdK part also includes a fight, as a rule, for the fight with beasts, as well as rule additions for the production of weapons and armor.

But beyond the collection of weapons and armor, valuable information for all, When Fans are to be found: Which means of payment are there in the Riesland and how to get the equipment? How prevalent are certain items? What characterizes the life in the stone or bronze age? And, last but not least: How useless or useful the infamous chain bikinis and loin bumper? To all of these questions answers in the book of the Blades. And, of course, the adventures and scenario ideas come in: On 24 pages of special weapons, magical armor, and war are legends; legendary items and unique characters, the adventure hanger or antagonists find use can.

With the book of the Blades of the Aventuria-the project delivers a wrought-work of heart, blood and steel, which is sold as an exclusive Hardcover book on the F-Shop, and already pre-ordered.

As always, the work will be available shortly after release as a free Download at the project.

© Rakshazar

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