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The weapons of the books of the Black eye. A slightly different Review.

(A Review of Dnalor the Troll)

Section 1

The amount you get in a dive. The smell of drugs, alcohol, sweat, and blood is in the air. (Go to 77)

Section 2

Disappointed, the Troll turns back to his Ale and a half-naked barmaid.

Section 22

From the sandy bottom of the pit, a skeleton digs up suddenly! A living dead! Here! In the pits! The Roar of the audience is silent glances for a few moments, then a storm of cheers erupted and Boos over the heads of the fighters in the pit. As the skeleton moved with a rusty blade in the hands of the fighters. “Ahhh! The DARK TIMES! How could I forget!“ roars the Troll, in order to drown out the Cries of the spectators. “Actually, I would have to values, is a Setting on the Other (and is thus Myranor, Aventuria and When comparable). Now… the “Arsenal” is part of the generation belt “order to Chaos”. Starting on p. 46 at the time, the available weapons will be presented, where, in part, on the Arsenal reference is made. I find as a age Riesländer that have our sickle sword. Even with the original riesländischem origin. Starting on p. 90 there is the good old classic weapons list, an Overview of all the armor (here the prices) and weapons of the Settings are missing. I find the Whole thing for a One-Shot Setting, as are the Dark times, perfectly adequate and well-solved.“ (Go to 45)

Section 42

Joy that you the same opinion are, the Troll-friendly on the shoulders. That’s enough to bring you out of balance and bump into the pit, where you hit so unhappy that you break your Neck. But be certain: Your death makes the Troll for severe pangs of conscience and he suffers for at least a week of sleep disorders.

Section 45

With powerful blows Urel drives the old warriors, the skeleton and the blood at the end of Kunchomerin. “Ahhh, our book of the Blades. Great Masterpiece! Really. I have not worked on the book, drumm I can rate it relatively objectively. In the first Chapter is about rules, the second Chapter revolves around the different stages of development (stone age, late stone age, bronze age and iron age). I think that’s already super, because here for the first time, stone weapons for the barbarian peoples are presented. In Aventuria and Myranor, there’s quite barbaric of the peoples that have little more than stone age weapons, but in the corresponding arms books, there’s nothing Suitable. No fist, no stone axe, nothing! Thereafter, the Chapter with the weapons and armor of various peoples. Fast, easy, clear. The diversity of the peoples of Aventuria is very practical. At the end of each People, there’s even a list of weapons from Chapter two and the Aventurischen Arsenal, the culture is also available. The next one is war and the rules for weapons manufacture.“ (More in the case of 121)

Section 66

The Troll gives you a Horn of fresh Ale, and helps you to organize your mummy’s bandages.

Section 77

You stand close to the pit, in the today, the fighting is to take place. The first bets are made, the Champions from the private room at the pub under the Hooting of the crowd presented before you are left in the pit. A thick, smelly Troll with thinning hair stands next to you. “Today, the only exotic animals to fight against each other. An old warrior by the name of Joost from the Bronenland, a fighter from Kunchom, one of the calls itself a Optimaten – what ever that is – and, of course, Urel, the Terrible, the local hero. Oh, it’s going to take, until the four are here in the pit. This gives me the time to give a time on the various weapons, books that represent the DSA-characters there. Joost is the classic from DSA3 times, the Emperor Reto’s Armory of 1993, the Kunchomerin Jasemina stands for the Aventurian Arsenal in 2003, the Optimat for the Myranische Arsenal of 2007 and Urel is the Terrible for our own product, the book of the Sound of 2014. Not, as yet non-existent in the Arsenal for Tharun and also not in this is because to various, not in my possession, distributed publications, the Arsenal for Uthuria. In the evaluation’s first and foremost, the suitability as a weapons book for the masters and the players, so Schi-schi, such as Layout, bad spelling, or picture I’ll pass the first time. I realize that I am as the author of the riesland project in relation to the book of the Sound lens, but… ah, since the fighters are coming!“ (Go to 99)

Section 88 of the

The fighter climbed into the pit, only the Optimat is still at the edge of a pit and is desperately looking for a suitable weapon. The old track Joost strikes against the Kunchomerin right wacker, staggers, however, when the Brokthar afflicted. Finally, the Optimat decides to summon a demon to assist him in the arms to help search. Well, he has not reckoned with the critical essence Rakshazars. With a loud Puff, he crumbles to dust.“ (Continue with 22)

Section 90.

The Troll bends with Laughter and pats you on the shoulder. The impact carries you smoothly into the pit. There Urel waiting for the Terrible to you…

Section 99

Under the Hooting of the crowd to the old track Joost climbs as the first down into the pit. The Troll turns, after he has placed a couple of bets back to you. “Ah, the hero of this classic! Emperor Reto’s Armory was the whole DSA3 time, so pretty much the whole 90 therethrough, and the standard for weapons and armor. I own the first and the seventh edition of the classic, with the editions differentiated only by the Annex (in the first Edition a couple of in-game weapons Smiths are in there, in the last of this Arbalette and co.). The structure of the weapons code was based heavily on the weapons used talents (daggers, bladed weapons, Sharp cutting weapons, Blunt cutting weapons, swords, two-handed, …). Each category had to use the standard weapons, Why should-someone-this-Gelumpe-weapons, the Schweitzer… uh… Kosher-bags-swords, and the !BFS! (!BIG FUCKING SWORD!), the bought any reasonably intelligent Hero as soon as possible and captured. Let’s see… let’s say… the category of “Sharp slashing weapons”. The price for the Why-should-anyone-this-Gelumpe–gun goes to the Waqqif that appears as the description for the daggers in the weapons list, and as a rule, but they are technically as Sharp slashing weapon. The Kosher pocket knife is the love of saber, with the Talent of swords led the !BFS! however, in the double-kunchomer with 2W+4 SP!“ (More at 120.)

Section 100

Now Jasemina climbs into the pit. “DSA4. The Arsenal. Well, what to say. When I was the Arsenal for the first Time, flipped through the pages, I was a little disappointed. Well, I found that each of the “stranger people’s” got a Chapter for its culture-specific weapons. We have retained in the book of the Blades. Bad I found pretty much the rest of the division. Probably was the fact that I was 15 years long-lived, my weapons according to the weapons of talent to pick. Here I had to rethink now. A half-handed was a weapon of the light or heavy played by foot soldiers? Or a knight’s weapon? This is exactly what has disappointed me about this book so much. A good idea (weapons according to cultures) was not thought to the end. Either I do that for all weapons, a culture assignment, or I stay with the tried-and-tested weapon talent system. In the case of the armor, it is not the same thing, here the is, however, quite so bad. Thank the gods the Arsenal, the siege weapons inside, in Reto’s Armory was missing at the time and came only in “pirate“. Overall, the Arsenal is… useful. Painful an Index that maps the weapons individual talent is missing. The weapons chamber was the book in comparison to the Arsenal the better, because more consistent.“ (Go to 118)

Section 110

The Troll gives you old Sack of a Bubble.

Section 118

Meanwhile, the Optimat has risen in the pit, now he is a whole bundle of weapons, and begins to search frantically…

“Who’s rays always Myranische Arsenal verb, he’s naked set back on a horse, and to the town, hunted! How to design a Arsenal and the weapons, the name after assign? Well, fortunately, have Packed the veeery back of the book an Index in, of the weapons be assigned to individual talents. Stupid only, that there is no reference on the page is, where the weapon is described. I need another Index! A miserable fumble the Whole thing! The existence of fire arms and cannons I think… well… semioptimal solved. Cannons I let it take me for a real ship battle, Matchlock, but the technically advanced wheel-lock would not have needed it in my opinion. The Myranische Arsenal the worst weapons book.“ (More in the case of 88)

Section 120

“The Chapter on the weapons of the Horasiats is actually Prince a copy of the text from the Box “, dealer, Integra.” Useful when playing a campaign, but then most anyway, the original source. A word to the armor: – I. O. all in All, Reto’s Armory is the Standard. If you have no idea how to build an Arsenal and Armory-oriented, you have definitely done nothing wrong.“ (Go to 100)

Section 121

Enter the Troll, the word to you: “the fact That the “bloody paths” promised Chapter to sword fodder, minions, and villains in the BdK is missing, it is partly my fault. We wanted to have in the book, no half-baked rules. And since the whole was good, but not 100%… As always. The book of the Blades of the best weapons book, which was published for DSA. Point.” The massive Troll raises his drinking horn. “How do you think it is? What book is in your opinion the best?“ You are thinking about short and give the answer: “the book of Sound” (go to 42), “order to Chaos” (more 66), “Myranisches Arsenal” (at 90), “Reto’s Armory” (go to 110) or “aventuri’s Asenal” (go to 2)

© Rakshazar

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