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The ring is a messenger between Friend or Foe

Freund oder Feind

Proud six parts, the DSA radio play series of the winter time AUDIOBOOKS at the conclusion of your publication. The second Episode of friend or foe has André Frenzer now for the ring of messenger belongs to. The content of the adventure group to the dwarf Gundar Schneider Cameos in the clutches of a gang of robbers while they are already afflicted from your pursuers.

The reviewer comes finally to a predominantly negative judgment of history on, during the technical implementation of praise.

“Friend or foe” is a technically well-implemented radio play, but unfortunately, a weak Episode in the series “The Dark Eye”. Neither Aventuria is widely used cal Flair, yet the action on set-pieces and gap filler. It remains to be seen whether the series can take the third part of the journey.

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