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The riesländische Patient…

The riesländische Patient…

…breathing again on his own!

It made a Beeline to the Winter, the lumbar bumper are tightened, the bread baskets later hanged and the summer antics of recycling to more adventurous stories, which are placed in the fire or in the sweat Lodge with a leg knock or a tired shrug.

For our project, it was a turbulent summer, it almost didn’t survive. After our call, managed to save the Riesland, in the truest sense of the word, and revitalize.
Many Fans followed the call and put the fallen warriors back on their feet.
The Work on the great Geographia-Band, the description of the world, Rakshazars, fit as a fiddle, so that it will be in the next year – in whatever Form – a further Aventuria is a Band. Rarely was so much to do at the same time in the worker threads; the Motivation is noticeably returned.

Also in the forums, we will be now more visible, something that was in the recent past by the “rescue measures” is not always possible.

Fresh blood, there is also the Illustrator showed the front: Some excellent illustrations, maps and Portraits have emerged in the last few weeks and it is growing by the day. A provisional climax, we would like to present to you today, on behalf of all new works and as a strong sign of life of the project.

Our new User Teferi has given us a beautiful new map of the wild continent. This is also a part of Aventuria is to recognize, as have many Fans of the Rieslands as a comparison of size or geographical position desired.

We would like to thank all the DSA Fans for the reception, the support, whether it was in Council or in deed, and all of our new users that they participate with us in the implementation of the largest DSA-fans ‘ project.

Die neue Karte des Rieslands

The new map of the Rieslands of Teferi

© Rakshazar

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