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The DereGlobus Forum closes its doors

Love DereGlobus users and developers,

The Forum is deadlong live the Forum!

The DereGlobus Forum is in two weeks, its doors close – the reason is the DSGVO. Lost the detailed development history of the project: a Total of 1260 subjects, with 46519 contributions. Here are some reminders:
But enough in the past looked – we look forward! Thanks to Thomas “Orkenspalter” Pride of the globe will continue to turn!
In September of this year, DereGlobus is 10 years old! At this point a huge thank you to all world builders, which the Forum is filled with life and so something great accomplished. Maybe some new developers give the project a new momentum and continue to develop with this occasion? If Yes, then get in touch with me, I would be very happy to put the project in new, capable hands with more time! I’ll stay as a loyal user of DG.

At this point, I say to all the 1129 forums members goodbye and to denne over to the Orkenspalter!

Best Regards
What do you want to do?

Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate
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