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Crowdfunding: The capital of the Internet

Again and again, crowdfunding waves: Currently at DSA on the shores of the Gottwals. The Crowdfunding for the regional game help for Thorwal and the gjalsker country is on 9. October started.

In forums and social media, the swarm of financing comes up again and again criticism and questions. Alteinhorn Krassling has this controversial topic from different points of view are considered and sharing his thoughts with you.

Not to mention be allowed to stay at this point, a current message: over the last ten years established Crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter has in the last few weeks, headlines are made. In the space of the accusation, the company terminated the employees because they are involved in the formation of a Union. On the company blog was added to the dismissal and the trade Union of education recently in a FAQ position. Further information can be found on the Website of the trade Union and on their Twitter presence.

Now, for the latest post from the series “Behind the screen”

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