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Contribution to the Orkenspalter short stories competition

Contribution to the Orkenspalter short-stories-competition

Today ended the short stories competition

While the hard-working Jury will review in the next few days the posts, I don’t want to share with you my contribution, of course.

In “The Mirhamionette” there are two personages in the foreground, could not be more different. We accompany an old friend on his quest for home: Asaosh, one of the two Parnhai, Christoph “Circuit” Vogelsang in the last year’s promo adventure “The vielleibige death” in Aventuria beaches. We also catch a glimpse of the life story of the most famous exile-Riesländers…

Much fun wishes


Addendum: The story is now published but it was only with the announcement of the winners. Don’t want to grab advance, which is why I took it out again. We let the Jury first of all your work. According to Orkenspalter are 23 (!) Submissions have been received. So now it’s fingers crossed for the Riesland! ;)

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