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AVENT Uriah: The cooperative card game

Thanks again to guest unicorn Hans Werner Grolm for his AVENT Uria deck meetings. We tie in the series with an Overview of our unicorn-colleagues Nottel , the cooperative adventure mode of the DSA-card game AVENT Uriah in summary, over a period of three years from mid-2016, is. These are thus the basic game, the content from the forest of no return and the ship of lost souls, which is together in the Box , The Stone ship re-launched, as well as the expansion heroes dance.

Focus is the description of the duel mode especially for those who do not know yet what it is because AVENT Uriah at all. For current products, such as the tavern of the black boar are we then expected to be back to the usual Format of the Review swing.

“On to the AVENT Uria-adventure

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