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From the Limbus: cube love

Blick in den LimbusOur current view in the data limbus revolves around cats, flying ships, Drama Baby!, the fun of the Würfelei, Wiki-love, the book of Heroes, DSA-birthday, desire to travel, and donations for a good purpose, as well as old and new fan projects.


Engor ‘s a review of the Black cat compendium, a collection of bonus content, the Crowdfunding unlocked were, among other things, the narrative rules of the game with children. It is the Master who is also part of the Review.
“The Article

In addition, he takes the lucky boy , is an adventure in the hero factory-Format the Crowdfunding package came with.
“The Article

Der Ruf der Bahalyr - CoverIt is not really a Review, but I’m still here, because it is helpful information and basis for decision-making provides the adventure call of the Bahalyr to play, or not. Orkenspalter TV speaks in the Late Nerd Show about the opening adventure of the star carrier campaign. With mini spoilers paint.
“For The Video

A proper Review of the reputation of the Bahalyr then take the part-time heroes, and although very detailed and richly illustrated. Spoilers are sufficiently marked, and must be folded out, risk-free it read is not a Problem. The adventure gets a very good rating, why, you can read the best there is.
“The Article

The ring of the messenger of Myranor-game help Beyond the cloud forest, for example, the last published Myranor-work. After an Overview of the content you come to a positive conclusion.
“The Article

In addition, there is the ring of messenger cat music to the ears. The accompanying like music to the black cat, but sometimes by cat-played sounds are not necessarily universally applicable.
“The Article

Wiki-Love In 2019

Wiki-Love 2019Maybe remember one or the other is still on the Wiki-Love action from last year. The DSA Forum had called for a article in the Wiki to create or the sources add. The action had Orkenspalter at the time, a Forum and some of the artist*inside Facebook connected to have given the Wiki with new graphics. Now the action goes in the second round. Other projects are invited cordially to join. Members of the DSA forum can earn a Badge. I got mine taken away! The creators of the Wikis are open to you with advice and act to the side, either in the Thread to the action, or in Pen&Paper role-playing Discord in the #wiki-AVENT Uriah channel.
We give back to the Wiki is something we can all benefit but it so often! No matter whether we can win a Badge for it or not. Even without a single DSA-book can help, for example, by added Links on the wiki in the right place, or blurbs, or data, such as the release date of the works from the F-Shop, blends.
“The Action

Role-play theory and tips

Drama role-play

Frosty Pen&Paper OnlineFrosty has in his Blog with the topic of Drama and how to get it into the game. This is not überspitztes Ohwei-Ohwei, but rather the personal relation of the characters to the accidents of the Plot to you, in order to generate a long-term exciting, long-term plot thread.
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Faith in the dice

Donnerhaus.euThe thunder house deals with the topic of Simulation, the principle and the advantages and disadvantages. It comes to roll encounters, talent, samples, to bring the kings case, interaction diagrams for Sandboxing and random tables, the a in the worst case, nothing at all experience. As Before, one uses them best, and what advantages stem from this mathematical component for the game?
“The Article


DnalorThe carnival of RPG-blogs busy in October with the theme “travel Dnalor presents, therefore, a very miraculous NSC. The Kobold “Wanderlust” that has a Avesgeweihten consecrate.
“The Article

Besides, he still has a couple of articles from its archive unearthed, the employees with the topic. For example, riding animals, or travelling in General, in Aventuria is so.
“The Article

Book of Heroes Interview

Crystals DSA-ForenProbably you expected something more in a Blog than in a Forum, but Crystals DSA-forums, playing with computers around the black eye to deal, have an Interview with the creators of the upcoming Book of Heroes computer game and released. I Find the class! Learn more about what Random Potion for us.
“The Interview

Survey and raffle

VierHeldenUndEinSchelmOctober came and with it, reliable as clockwork, the October survey of the Schelms. This time it’s all about the 35-year-old birthday of DSA. The prices deal, this time with the beautiful Aranien.
“The Survey

DSA-looking for donations

Even if the Limbus is getting very long, I would like to make you finally, a call for donations to the attention of. Normally attended addiction in the DSA Forum for donations of used DSA-books/rule books/novels for his black eye a school project. He has set up a small library for the students, where they could borrow Material. If you don’t have something you need anyway and have no desire to sell it, or don’t want to throw away, you can download it here for a good purpose to: namely, our role-playing offspring.
“To Call

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