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From the Limbus: We go underground!

Blick in den LimbusThe current view in the DSA limbo once again will be a mostly short and concise! It comes to Dornenreich, the largest Myranor-fangame help ever, an illustration of a survey, role-play tips and the the game fair Read. As well as old and new fan projects. Since the Wiki Aventurica is currently not reachable, I will add the Links to this later. Wiki we love and miss healthy you’ll quickly!


Das DornenreichThe new Aranien regional game help “The thorn rich” have only recently been Published. And there are already two reviews. Will you give your Grolmen for never rest, Engor? 😀
“The Article

Also seems to be a few Grolmensklaven to keep, they also have the thorn already reviewed.
“The Article

The ring messenger has the Aventurischen bestiary accepted.
“The Article

Myranor lives, and how!

Memoria Myrana - Die MuridenStrong 156 pages includes the new in-game help “Under the earth Myranors – The Muriden” in Memoria Myrana and is the biggest fan game help for Myranor at all!

The game deals with the Muriden, the rats are beings under the earth, dwell.

Author Philipp Mählmann has a whole informal culture, almost a world of its own out of Nothing stamped. These great, extensive game help, is a professional regional game help in nothing. History, culture, gods, believe, everything is available and according to DSA 4.1 playable. Through the quite a closed underground culture that operates in a little with the top of the world, can be played on the Setting alone, by the in-game help, without which you must have advanced knowledge of the game world Myranors.

Special skills, Pact, gifts, special weapons, cities, personalities and much more! Legends and Mysterious offer adventure hanger and as if that were not enough, there is still a huge chunk of scenario proposals and archetypes.

This really is a Premium Fanwerk of the highest quality!

I wish Philip and the Memoria Myrana, the game also gets the attention it deserves, and say Thank you, for your tireless work in a lively, Myranor!

“To The Game Help

DSA Forum advent calendar – contributions sought

Like last year, collects the DSA Forum in November contributions for the advent calendar. Contributions from you, for you. Again, you can get a little Badge for it.
“The Action
“The advent calendar of 2018

Role-Playing Tips

Teilzeithelden.deThe part-time heroes have an adventure with a ‘evil’ group played and their experiences shared. Conclusion: This can work, but it makes sense in advance about some things to discuss. Read it for yourself!
“The Article

When is it actually too much of a Good thing? Offhand spells to destroy at the table, the atmosphere, the Borongeweihte now a joke or not helps to be a bit of gallows humor through the dark hours?
The question of the right amount of humor at the gaming table are the part-time heroes investigated and also have a few tips for arrangements in the round, which help to. So my group has 😀Yes, this phrase pig with penalties … soon we fly to Ibiza …
“The Article

After you already dealt with that for which cults of role-play are really good, the thunder house, now solid tips on how to a own cult develop can.
“The Article

Survey and raffle

VierHeldenUndEinSchelmNew month, new rogue poll with a raffle. This time it comes to illustrations and those who make them.
“The Article

Recaps Game 19

Spielemesse Essen 2019Here are a few recaps on the game fair in Essen 2019:

Four heroes and a rogue looks to the fair and the subsequent DSA Party back.

The Eskapodcast directly on the exhibition, the impressions captured.

The Played Podcast has family games made.

Michael Jaegers has his two days at the fair held.
“Day 1
“Day 2

And the cube hero also has a small report written.

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