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From the Limbus: surprise box

Blick in den LimbusOur current view in the data limbus about new stories, charming sounds, elves teaser, Nandu, Boxing, demons, lots of Podcasts, the RatCon Berlin and the FeenCon, as well as old and new fan projects.


Ina Kramer - Will Baronin werdenEngor ‘s a review of one of the most interesting additions to the Scriptorium. Ina Kramer has a long time pen and paper used and a DSA history for us conjured up. How it came to be, you can at the rogue read, as the story in Engor cut off, you should read his Blog.
“The Article

Interview with earth star

15 years, there is the group earth star now. 15 years in which you have to go to the Conventions and our role-play world with atmospheric music to enrich play. This is reason enough for magic worlds to download Online the earth-sterner for an Interview.
“The Interview

New campaign with Orkenspalter TV

After the Myranor campaign was completed, a Teaser to a new campaign. Orkenspalter TV is the Simyala campaign play. The Teaser is beautifully atmospheric.
“For The Video

In case of doubt, for RHEAS

DSA IntimeIn the DSA Intime Podcast turns the current episode to the RHEAS. How is defined this God as he is of Hesinde, whom he speaks to and what opportunities it offers in the role-play?
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Aventuri Cher Podcast

The new Aventurian Podcast is to Erzdämonen turn, however, to use Mr. Turkelton and guest Frosty time is quite extensive for General information About DSA or your own work. Among other things, to the Fans to miss, the always complain about everything. In an aside, the Info falls in the Mr. Turkelton is working now in the proofreading of Ulisses games. This raises, for me personally, the question of how to deal with such tangles to deal, concerning many other ‘fan projects’ in the DSA world, but usually not even be openly communicated.
After about 30 minutes of demons in the Podcast, then dive slowly.
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By boxed

Eskapodcast LogoThe Eskapodcast unboxt beginners boxes. Increases in the Boxing ring if it’s the boxes of different game comes to stacking systems. In which Box would you ask of your horse? If that’s what you in the comments replying to it, you can, among other things, the DnD – Stranger Things Page. win (Hype!).
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Ratcon Berlin

RatCon BerlinThis weekend, for the first Time a RatCon in Berlin (as a small offshoot of the RatCon in Limburg, and really only as an extension of the Berlin Board game Con). Right ruthless, but also constructive is the report on from Florian. Can keep up the RatCon in Limburg? Nah. Go to Florian again: Yes. Why do you read on his Blog.
“The Article

The whole weekend Live from the RatCon Berlin unicorns ticks, a small herd of. The Nanduriaten Felixilius, seifer and Derya owl witch, trot, and gallop about the Convention and share their impressions and workshop info at Twitter.
“Nandurion Twitter


The FeenCon celebrates this weekend its 30-year anniversary. Since we seem to reports yet to wait a bit to have to, because probably all to busy with Playing and having fun. But good news there was in the run-up. Roll Inclusive is likely to be printed will appear! You can pre-order the print version of the movement, publishing house, or in the pen& the sword Shop. Although there is still no 100%guarantee that it printed, but it is one, if not get your money back.
“For Publishing Notice

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from German and might be inaccurate
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