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From the Limbus: game fair advance

Blick in den LimbusOur current view in the data, the limbus, is concerned with fluffy kittens, and Roll Inclusive, playful adventures, the seven, Drawn, role-playing films, a not-so-innocent Inn, a Historic Donner house and 35 years, DSA.

I would have loved to shown you a closer look on what I’ve driven for the last week as I was represented by my colleagues here are so great, I participated in a great, amazingly awesome MPA, in the framework of the DSAForum meeting. But, unfortunately, a really nasty thing defeated me and my match report is not yet finished. After I sit, but now the ability to operate and use a Computer have achieved, I dedicate myself entirely stress-free in today’s Limbus, the also old, like new fan projects.


Engor this week again a good example. At least since the Last limbo it has conjured up two reviews for us.

First of all, he will listen to the cat music, the music for the game with the black cat. In the case of all 21 pieces, some like it better, others less so.
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And with this cat’s music has Engor also his entire crowdfunding package plowed through and can be a positive conclusion to the black cat to pull.
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In addition, Engor something to be targeted, to me personally dear to the heart. The adventures of action of the DSA forum. Under the theme “game of the elements” could adventure concepts or ready-made adventure be submitted. And it’s really great stuff came out of it, as a reward for your effort mind. a Review get have (on further Feedback). Really nice fan work, also Engor.
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The Orkpiraten have a mid-term review of Roll Inclusive made, and even in the half of the content has already paid off the book, about diversity and representation in Pen-and-Paper role-playing game, to crowd finds. For all the book on 24.10.2019 is, and that is, of course: play fair!
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We learn DSA history

Frosty Pen&Paper OnlineFrosty now has the fourth part of the “What is” – the seven Drawn series published. Something that I have started and the cause still has to be in tranquility for the mind, because I’ve unfortunately never played.. only twice.. and I’m beginning to think that nothing is more, and yet smile and nod of the language comes only when in-game events. Definitely an ambitious project, for which I am very grateful! This time, The gate of horror.
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Role-play movies

Eskapodcast LogoThe Eskapodcast asks why is the best of all Hobbies actually not often filmed? It is even non-filmbar? What movies are there and what are they good for?
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Carnival travel

DnalorThe theme of the October carnival of RPG-blogs is “travel”. Dnalor the Troll has a Inn designed, also as an adventure hanger is used and the Lotussee in Aventuria is.
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Survey Results In October

VierHeldenUndEinSchelmThe rogue had to contributions for his congratulations book called, the he at 24.10 on the 35 years of the DSA Party, and hand over would like to. This Party will take place in Essen, in a Hotel, and an invitation you can get by on the same day for min. 50 Euro for the F-Shop booth at the game fair, you buy something (as long as supplies last, probably). I’ll probably be there, too. What the participants wish your love to the DSA all for the birthday, you can find in the rogue blog. Who hits the rogue on the game fair (he is not to be overlooked, thanks to rogue bag) , can also write to there still congratulations.
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Role-Playing Background

Donnerhaus.euWho is the thunder house , and his Blog knows, knows that he there are many beads, which deals with the secular history of deal, and how to do this in his role-playing game integrate can. It is so, for example, a starting point for friends, a real Historical weapons or societal concepts with which you would like to enhance his role-playing game.

Fresh deals, the thunder house with cults and cultists, a topic which is certainly a lot of DSA for the players is irritating. You want to build a cult, perhaps, as an opponent, but what the cultists drives? How do I create the meaningfulness of their background? A Charismatic Leader? And what do they want? Read it for yourself.
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In addition, the thunder house the last several times with the topic of sexuality apart. Purity and sin, Sexcrimes Sex and state in ancient Rome or in ancient Greece, but also the actual complications of poor care or the epidemics in the middle ages, have you already worked up. It is unmistakably the works of a historian on the Team, the thunder häusler.

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