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From the Limbus: set sail on the nowhere sea

Blick in den LimbusOur current view in the data limbus revolves around fur balls, flying ships, surveys, reviews, the nameless and the almost inevitable end of role-playing characters as well as old and new fan projects.


SamtpfotenEngor is dedicated to the black cats of the crowdfunding package. This time it’s a review of the adventure anthology velvet paws. The focus of the three included adventures on the society of the awakened cats, and requires, above all, such or secret talents. Whether that fun brings, read at Engor.
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Der Ruf der Bahalyr - CoverBut not just on silent soles, also on the elf paths wanders Engor and has The reputation of Bahalyr reviewed. The kick-off of the six-part campaign is advancing the meta-plot in Aventuria, is a continuation of the old adventure, and closer to the elven and high elven culture. The adventure power Engor lot of things right, some things he misses still.
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Die schwarze KatzeAlso, the part-time heroes have the furry friends dedicated to and the black cat under the microscope. The set of rules is presented here in detail and we learn a bit about how it plays.
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Assessment Rankings

Rollenspiel-BewertungenMore reviews and ratings you can find on the great site even the current reviews of Nandurion to be found there. The adventure, for example, according to years, regions and of course reviews sort can. Perfect if you want to find the next adventure.

Game Master Tips

Teilzeithelden.deA guest article in the part-time heroes devote themselves to one of the most emotional, most difficult topics in the role-playing world. The Charaktertod. How do you deal with it? How can you use it to make his hero one last great appearance, and you should leave the dice at something to decide? Important above all: communication in the group.
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September poll and competition

VierHeldenUndEinSchelmThe rogue Poll is in, and of course there is to win something, for example, the above-mention kick-off adventure for the star carrier campaign, the reputation of The Bahalyr. The survey, self-employed, this time with music at the game table, as well as the upcoming Aventurischen Herbarium.
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The Nameless

DSA IntimeWhat is the nature of the chained 13. Of God? What makes it for his followers attractive? What makes him so? Evil? The Power? What drives him? Why turn to him and do not prefer demons or Borbarad? A nameless Podcast with DSA Intimate.
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