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From the Limbus: reviews, instead of millions of

Blick in den LimbusOur current findings from the data the limbus revolve around any amount of reviews, Read up on the Limburg Ratcon, rewards beyond money, time, and how not to) apply (to waste, a preview to Aranien as well as old and new fan projects.


Forschungsdrang und Rollenspiel - has urge to research & role-playing game reviewed. The anthology is concerned with a scientific examination of DSA. The editors and authors are DSA players and Fans, however, Ulisses games has taken the publication as a publisher.
The Review is very carefully and in detail and it is worth it to read and not to look only on the conclusion. Because what takes place there, has also earned the statement made in the Text.
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Der Ruf der Bahalyr - CoverAnd a second Review to a DSA product, there are PnPNews. The reputation of the Bahalyr is under the magnifying glass taken. Both a critical voice, as well as a real DSAFans mix. The first part deals more with the form of the alien, such as images and Layout, the majority of it is full of spoilers for the plot of the adventure, and the whole campaign. You will, however, also noted.
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Some spoiler-free to listen to, can Frosty do, where Chembael a guest commentary written has.
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Die schwarze Katze - BestiariumIn Engor make the fluffy friends from his Crowdfunding package wide. In the bestiary Supplement of 15 new creatures for The Black cat, including prey animals, or Undead.
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Die schwarze Katze - KatzenspurenIn cat tracks (not to be confused with cat tracks), the hero of the Breviary, to The Black cat, to dive into the life of the furry protagonists is Great, my yours. A roof dancer who tells his nieces and nephew a bedtime story about his adventure.
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Despite cat’s poverty was the hero of the factory, hope in the darkness Engor delight. It is a Con-exclusive adventure, was so far only on the Ratcons and the Emperor Raul Convention available, but there will also be a part of heroes works archive III.
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Eiserne FlammenA direct connection to hope in the darkness of the final Band of the splinters of dusk cycle Iron flame. Frosty has reviewed the adventure for you.
“For The Video

RatCon 2019 Limburg – Gleaning

Three arrived at the bivouac, I don’t want to deny you have Read recently.

VierHeldenUndEinSchelmInversely proportional to the length of his report, here only the small reference to the gleaning of the Schelms.
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RoachwareTheRoach also reported from the RatCon and also on the accessibility of the event. In his Text, the MPA was organised by DSATube, because we allow us to correct a little bit: the roll of The Dice was organized by DSATube, the MPA itself of the Dragonkin.
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Frosty Pen&Paper OnlineAs a guest author reported, in person and very humorous, Sinwist on on the RatCon. So he is the first guest author there at all. Dear Sinwist, when is it going to take with the Blog, we’re looking for guest authors 😀
This applies of course also for all other Interested #shameless self promotion #unicorns are a thief, eater of mythical creatures.
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Game master tips

Donnerhaus.euIt must not always be Gold – as you can also reward players differently, and what advantages and disadvantages it may have, freeing you up to the thunder house.
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What can learn role-player from Wrestling, you betrayed us. What? That sounds strange? But no, what the conflict is Staged dazzling as the Good and Evil in Wrestling? Just read in.
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Eskapodcast LogoThe Eskapodcast has adopted a Problem, what’s bothering me at the time also arg: the lack of time. How you can use his time better, or you have to at all? How can I win the game more time, and in the role? Well, I’ve certainly not managed the Podcast to listen to the very end, before the publication of the Limbus, but I didn’t out heard the prokrasti kidney the end of the world is 🙂
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Aranien Game Help

Frosty Pen&Paper OnlineA preview of the aranien game help for Frosty Pen&Paper Online, the reviews with his comrades-in-arms*interior by Ulisses games available to Preview Material.
“For The Video

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