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From the Limbus: master no useless Knowledge

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Blick in den LimbusToday, for once again, unfortunately, without including horn Fenia winter cold. With the following topics: role-playing calendar, Podcast, adventures, reviews, Messengers Quartet, and role-playing theory.
The title of today’s edition of plays on a record in the linked below thunder house-contribution: There is the possibility that the game Manager that will also bring the first of supposedly useless Knowledge in the articles listed in their game worlds, but at some point the use of is always. Who worlds to simulate how we role-players, browse, now, much more sometimes perverse areas than in real life; the Rest is probability.


Engors DereblickEngor has again the current hero factory-made:
To the marrow by author Julian Härtl cuts him mediocre ab. The implementation of the classic Dilemmas of law and justice in the former wild mark will be closely guided by some assumptions. In Engor doubts remain anyway, whether it’s in the most groups in the envisaged direction is lost.

“To Review

Neues Orkenspalter TV LogoOrkenspalter TV concedes in the Late Nerd Show, the Möbius exhibition at the Max Ernst Museum in Brühl. Under this name, had artist Jean Giraud works in the field of Fantasy and Science-Fiction created. Following is the DSA5-splitter twilight adventure Iron flame in the forceps taken. The Orkenspalter are not convinced fully, and think that the game should still make some Changes.

“For The Video

The space has the Chancellor of Moosbach the scientific collection of essays, research urge and role-playing game reviewed. He missed a single line, both thematically and in terms of the readership. The basic idea behind the book is pleasing to him, however.

“To Review

Role-playing game theory

In the Donnerhaus.euthunder house was on the Simulation by means of Dice thoroughly reflected. In fact, the whole contribution is used, that the end of the Game, and especially game-conductive-conscious make, what is the meaning of dice throws in the game and what results they produce. There are also some notes of what wrong turns and blunders it when you Simulate and how you can deal with it.

“The Article

PnPNews.deAlmost as a sequel to a previous article in the thunder house has Torsten Logemann on PnPnews a post about female character models from the history written. The General theme of atypical female roles, so to historically documented concrete examples. That’s not all: In the comments he mentioned that more of such short biographies in the planning stage.

“The Article

In the brevity is the soul of wit. The Raul Ehrwald from PnPnews to the beginners guide for game managers of the System Matters for you to look at. On only 13 pages of advice on offer to the first game session, and thus the entry into the role-playing game to succeed. The compact guide is free of charge for Download.

“The Article

Frosty Pen&Paper OnlineRole-playing game theorist Frosty had to Aventurischen Quartet #4 loaded. The DSA-discussion round has discussed the current Aventurischen Offered no 197.

“For The Video

As a tutor performs Frosty the series What it is – the Seven Subscribed for a quarter of an hour the third Episode part of “unlimited Power” to continue. How many there are yet, don’t even know Borbarad. Next Time it should go anyway, with “gates of horror” on.

“For The Video


Die Sendung mit dem AlrikThe newcomer, under the DSA-Podcasts is a few days ago, The shipment with the Alrik. The series is produced by the speaker, and editor Michael Munz , in cooperation with the “art-elf” Katharina Wagner.

“Episode 0: introduction” is the short prelude in under four minutes.

“The Consequence Of

In “episode 1: Phex” is a half-hour question-and-answer Interview with Andreas Mature to his LARP-character, the Phexgeweihten Viento Maquedar Vascagani.

“The Consequence Of


Another Interview, this Time in the form of a text, there are Nerds against Stephan. Philipp Lohmann has MyFantasyWorld entertain the topic in addition to the overall project is the current calendar of the project for role-playing Conventions, the Yvi’s Nerd and Geek World , as well as the thunder home game.

“The Interview

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