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From the limbo – My journey in February

Blick in den LimbusDear readers*inner,

since my last foray is happening as always, so much, that I have no Chance of all topics with relevance to map. Therefore, I would like to designate, in a nutshell, what I noticed particularly. This is a bit subjective, what is to some extent in the nature of things. Therefore, just bear with me, if I Important missing. These topics can be in the comments called.

Aventuria BeitragsbildThe AVENT Uria-Crowdfunding is making waves through the Crowdfunding go beyond, as I would like to explain. First started the changes with the development of various hero decks, for example: Meridiana Bornski, the discoverer, or Zardok, the Consecrated of the nameless. In Parallel, they created two new boxes, which Borbarads curse and Nedime, daughter of the Caliph, in the centre. Regardless of the DSA for some time, the Tabletop Simulator, with the different Board and card games on the PC can implement. And hereby it will be soon possible to play AVENT Uria (in German and English) on the PC, what I personally find amazing!

The fantastic DSA documentation is completed. This is part 7 (in my opinion) very well done, especially Mháire Stritter and Nicolas out this thanks to. In the final episode, besides the members of the Department, the Community to word, such as, for example, Kai Frerich from Bochum. Kai tells vividly of his enthusiasm for the Gareth-Box and the included adventure. Beautiful to look at, is also the Moment when Robert Cousland, probably the best-known DSA player in North America, very poetic in the case of Werner Fuchs thanks.

Teilzeithelden.deAlthough orcs are in DSA, mostly brown or black, you might say, in reference to this species: “Green is a colorful color.” With the portrayal of orcs in the Pen&Paper have the part-time heroes dealt intensively. The contribution of Johannes Haslhofer is worth reading, because it is not only about the topic of orcs as an Anti-hero, but also a question of the conditions under which the orcs are the makings of a full-fledged in-game characters have. With the Latter we have Nanduriaten us busy: Our DSA5-Ork-game help has existed since December of 2019, and was a nice collaboration with the DSA Forum.

The upcoming DSA game “Book of Heroes” have the Eurogamer under the microscope. Martin Roger is happy in principle to “Book of Heroes”, but worries that the makers of the game our Aventuria on the Essential breaking down of so that the typical DSA Flair under certain circumstances, only little remains. Personally, I’m still staying optimistic and hope to pack the end of Dungeon-Crawls.

The Steam padded lens pouch case together with his game round, the anthology of “traitors & outlaws” completed. On his Website you will find an interesting game report with a conclusion that is true in terms of the anthology is positive. The adventure plays in Havena and revolves around “falling star”, as well as to the so-known Gwen-Petryl stones. For more information about the famous stones can be found directly in the game report. You can listen to the Whole way as an Audio Stream.

On the YouTube channel of “Zydie plays” there are currently glimpses of several DSA-rounds. Is played first, “The stolen dream” from the collection “enchanted & Bewitched”. Is played second, the legendary Phileasson campaign. Pure is worth a look, because who has heard of the epic Race for the title of “king of the seas” never can hang his DSA hat confidently on the nail.

Engors DereblickUnder the direction of Philipp of seven citizens was created some time ago, a full-color house rule collection that you are here with us download can. This collection has now been rewarded twice. First, there was a Review by Engor of Angbar. Secondly, has The Dan the collection under the microscope, and an Audio Stream in Youtube set. Supplemented this by a Interview with Philipp seven citizens, in which he as a writer his work is commented on and explained.

Eskapodcast LogoAlthough the Eskapodcast always claimed that he was not a DSA Podcast, the latest Episode of the truth brought to light, because here it is equal to several times to “The black eye”. Are discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the new rule editions, as well as the difficulties many people have with very complex control systems. The questions as to the role of the “top dogs” of the industry and to the importance of the kick starters are not left out. The title of the Episode is “Ten things I hate about you” and is (in my opinion) with a twinkle in his eyes to understand.

High language aptitude: The DSA5-the basic rule is published in Spanish. The Printed El Ojo Oscuro – Libro de Reglas has Ulisses proud of the current Vlog 79 pre-shows. The Spanish DSA was in April 2019 in a Crowdfunding with 17.504 € found. In the same Video was also announced that the French edition of L’oeil Noir – Livre des règles in soon also on Black Book to be delivered.

Last in the Crowdfunding of the DSA-cat variant of The Black cat a view of what’s next for DSK will follow. Jens Ullrich and Nadine shackles are therefore working for some time on a game under the working title of Fasar: Fragile peace, which – as the Name already suggests – with the cute Awakened in Fasar deal is. The whole is to be returned to a Crowdfunding realized, but for which no schedule is promised.

Finally, it remains open Which of the mentioned themes did you find exciting? What is it noticed in February in the network? I’m happy about every answer and every Statement.

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from German and might be inaccurate
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