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From the Limbus: In the heart of the Community

Our current view in the data limbus goes beyond DSA. The pending insolvency of the movement and pen & sword publishing has rocked the role-playing scene, but also more closely welded together, and after the echoes, for me personally, but also for many of you, yet. Of course, the fan projects that have dealt with something else to get your place, because in the fan works a lot of love and self-sacrifice in there, no matter what they turn. We also throw a spotlight on the German role-playing game price in 2019.


Das Geheimnis des Drachenritters - EinsteigerboxAfter Engor may about the individual components of the DSA5-Page. has dedicated, he has now overall conclusion to the Box. The cuts for the purpose for which it is intended, very well. You may be real newcomers a great help. For experienced players, it does not offer much, but you should not even think in. Why Engor draws a positive conclusion, you can read in his Blog.
“The Article

The fantasy author Dominik Schmeller has the DSA-Roman executioner by Dorothea not live for you to read and a Video book review conjured. A bit he complains to the refining of the story. He was not able to follow the story absolutely, because it happened a long time ago was that he has read the first two parts. In addition, the language falls out of Aventuria, even if he is a rating of the aventurischen Background, overall, rather positive. The characters and conflicts were able to score with him.
“For The Video

Rogue close whisper

VierHeldenUndEinSchelmKai has to be the fourth rogue close whisper written, the time of nandurion worthy length. Here, too, is one of the themes of the movement publishing. Kai has shopped for a bit and some of myranor works spontaneously added as a further the profits of its June survey. The current DSA products, the Aventurischen Messenger, borongefällige noodles, which Stand on their own feet and much more.
“The Article

Movement, Spring, Sword

There was a very large response to the message, the movement, publishing and pen and sword publishing a bankruptcy is filed in.

On the same day has Frosty of Frosty Pen&Paper Online a spontaneous Live Stream on the legs, dei the Ben of Ben&Paper, Chembael, Rattazustra from the thunder house, Mháire Stritter from Orkenspalter TV, Judith Vogt of the taskmasters and Roll Inclusive, seifer from Nandurion, and Daru also spontaneously appeared in.

Feder & Schwert VerlagThere, among other things, the role-playing game worlds of the movement were presented to the publisher in order to give all a glimpse of what all is affected by this message. Among other things, it comes to several Crowdfunding, such as the much-publicized Roll Inclusive. In addition, we also received further information on the movement of publishing and, in my opinion, especially good to talk to talk and to listen, in order to overcome the initial shock of something.
“To record the Streams

Also, other Blogs, authors, or Youtube channels to be moved quickly. A good Overview about the overwhelming response has put together .
“The Article

In the meantime, it has become even more.

So Engor recognizes, among other things, the great performance of the movement publisher for Myranor and Tharun.
“The Article

The Roach of the roach product reports to word and supports the call to the publisher by the purchases in the publisher’s own Shop to support.
“The Article

Also Steam padded lens pouch case spontaneously a Podcast recorded.
“To The Podcast

The Riesländer logs also.
“The Article

The authors Michael Masberg and Mike Krzywik-Great to have on your Blogs is also a word strongly expressed.
“The article by Michael Masberg
“The article by Mike Krzywik-Large

Nico and Mháire from Orkenspalter TV in front of the Background of the in cooperation with the movement of publishing incurred Fanfilms Space 1889: The Secret of Phobos a little bit about your own relationship to the publisher of sweet talk. If your the movie with a little less commentary, but more focus on the secrets of the Mars-moon watch want: There are still DVDs of the two and a half hour drive in the clockwork shop, whose proceeds will be entirely the publisher will benefit.
“To the Video on Youtube

The Podcast 3w6 Fate PDFs ordered and spontaneous on Facebook to the three-year anniversary is giving away (unfortunately, in the past, when the limb appears, but I want to forget to mention)

Ein Herz für den Uhrwerk VerlagThe image of the PnPNews article to the response in the Community has some so well-liked that it spontaneously on Facebook as profile pictures used have. PnPNews has put together a small graphic package with optimized images for various Social Media channels, forums, or banner spaces. The image contains parts of the movement logo. The use has been approved by the publisher. It all has to be in order. Commercial only you must not use it, of course.
“For The Image Package

DSAforum.deIn the DSA Forum is turning to the new month of action also to the movement and pen & sword publishing. In the case of A heart the beat of the clock work, you will have the opportunity to other role-playing games or books from the two publishers to inspire. A Review, written writes a love letter to a game world, proclaimed a flaming Manifesto, or knock yourself out, otherwise creative. You need to be an accomplished author. Just be authentic. A offered splinters of the moon-demo lap was occupied, e.g., within a short period of time.
You can even demo rounds of offer (e.g. online offers). Many of the DSA player*are curious about the New, there is often only on occasion. She offers!

Anyone who takes part can win a Badge, under certain conditions, one of the four shards of the moon-rules as a PDF.

“For The Forums Action

The German role-playing game price

Deutscher RollenspielpreisThe German role game, in its current Form, will be awarded in 2014, and emerged from the role of community in the game. Behind it, among other things, Karsten Voigt alias sheet pirate, which is also behind great things like the free role round or is.
A: Thank you Karsten for your tireless Effort to the German role-playing game landscape!

The prize is awarded by a Jury. In 2019, this Consists of:

A few days ago, was now the Shortlist of the nominations will be announced. The final participants are, so to speak. From the nominations have three participants in the final round managed, including multiple of the movement publishing. This year, for the first Time a category for online formats, where here more often presented in projects such as OrkenspalterTV, The part-time heroes, and the young project PnPNews a place in the final secure could.

The winner will be next Sunday on the Nordcon will be announced and their price is also take. We press all the nominees, the thumb!

The Eskapodcast rises

Eskapodcast LogoA highly exciting topic of current Eskapodcast is dedicated to. The leveling up of the characters. What rewards are Meaningful, where the fun comes in the level up, how to reward play a good role, and to prevent inconsistent Boost? And you can’t completely avoid leveling up, if it is a matter of the inner development of the character? What is better? Fast or slow ascend? These and many other questions will be discussed.
“To The Podcast

Bard contest – Who wins?

DSAforum.deThe Bards contest in the DSA Forum is over. All the singers*interior gave it their Best. Now, the Golden Sounds have to be forgiven. Vote for the submission that has warmed your heart the most! Applauds and writes like, why you a song she liked.
“To The Vote

Conflicts in the role-playing table

Teilzeithelden.deIn the case of the part-time heroes you have with the following Hypothesis set:

“The players represented on the role of a table game, the positions of their characters in communicative conflicts can often be more than you would your own.”

In order to descend deep down in the dark levels of conflict management. So deep that it is uncertain whether it will come back. The theme itself is actually very exciting. I’ve also been watching a lot of people play at the game table, the opinion of their characters completely motionless, however, the pulled often up in the game level. The offers still enough Material for another blog article.
“The Article

Ilaris Countdown

Curthan of Ilaris heralds the Countdown to the release of the second Version of its fanregel work. The beginning of his Top 3 things he has revised since Version 1. I particularly enjoy the new rules for speech like duels well.
“The Article

Only today (Sunday): competition in StefZ

If you hurry, you can still in the competition by StefZ radio plays on YouTube to participate. Running only on today, Sunday (9. June 2019). If your three questions to the radio plays of StefZ in the comments answer, can you a T-Shirt with the brand new, beautiful Logo to win. Good Luck!
“For The Video

You’re looking for!

PnPNews.deA small call, I would like to put you to the heart. is looking for reinforcements. Sure you know the page and as you have noticed, she’s also been nominated for the German role-playing game price. You have worked hard. I’m helping out sometimes in the Team, come because of my many other projects but to write there. But I can tell you: The Team is really class! Super nice people, great interaction and mutual support. Newbies get great training and support, there is even a manual. The Team has put into the culture of the project and the interaction very much. If you could imagine, from the consumer to switch to the Mach page, then you are lifted there. Only Courage!
“To Call

Wiki Aventurica

“There is nothing that can, what we write, but that doesn’t mean that we can write about anything.”
—Baltram of liepen Berg, Senior editor of the Aventurischen Messenger

Warning: this article was automatically translated
from German and might be inaccurate
© Nandurion

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