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From the Limbus: I would of boars tell

Blick in den Limbus

Our latest findings from the DSA data the limbus turn to AVENT Uriah, The Black cat, Heroes for beginners, DSA-adventure the the game head down, tell role-playing games, the fight against the passive role game, as well as old and new fan projects.


Die schwarze KatzeEngor has something to give, and his crowdfunding package of black cat full of anticipation unpacked. He presents the content and also makes us anticipation of the coming individual reviews related to the content.
“The Article

Wirtshaus zum schwarzen Keiler AventuriaUntil then, awaits us in Engor however, first a Review of the new expansion “the tavern of the black boar” for AVENT Uriah. Anyone who is a regular at Engor guest, of course, knows that he’s been waiting longer for new Material to AVENT Uriah and can imagine that he was very pleased. Test he has played the expansion and attracts a good overall conclusion, with one caveat.
“The Article

Das Mädchen und der MenschenfresserThe ring of the messenger , the hero factory, The girl and the man-eater braced. The adventure can be integrated seamlessly with the adventures of the DSA5-Page. linked and is aimed at absolute beginners. He is, for experienced players*the inside but it is very little irritation.
“The Article

Left alone!

Rollenspiel-Blog“Thanks for nothing” is the very energetic title of the current role-play Blog post. It’s about DSA-adventure, in which the head of the authors have been left in the lurch. Quasi a settlement with adventures not at all critical Points in the help you should. The author also collects for the second part, so if you also had the feeling of an adventure leaves you in the lurch, then it writes it in the comments.
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Save the Date

Frosty Pen&Paper OnlineOn Tuesday comes the new episode of the Aventurischen Quartet in Frosty Pen&Paper. 20. August 19:30 PM
“The Quartet

Book of Heroes

Orkenspalter TV has conducted an Interview with the creators of the upcoming DSA computer game Book of Heroes. There is a lot of information and Videos for the upcoming game. In addition, the new Inrahkarten shown, the Tokala designed and in the game is a role play. It is, of course, also be printed to give one of the best products for years, I think, the condition that the old Inrahkarten mostly only to the moon, prices to get, sucks.
“For The Video

Narrative role-playing games

Eskapodcast LogoThe Eskapodcast dedicated to the narrative role-playing games. Are they games actually matter? So without Dice? What is a narrative role is the game and what it is currently? To me, the result was a lot of fun and I’m really in the mood time, the two narrative role playing games that I have in the cupboard, to get. Once The depth of the forest and the society of dreamers, both from the System Matters publishing. They are also present in the Podcast.
“To The Podcast

Contrary to the Passive game

Donnerhaus.euIn the second-last blog article, the thunder house has devoted itself to the passive voice style of Play. So I would then open the door.. Wah! Do it or Leave it!
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In the second part, it is now a generally passive style of play and how you can meet him, with solid tips.
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