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From the Limbus: element-blown pirate

Our latest findings from the role play data the limbus turn to enemies, people-eaters, pirates, and other creatures of the sea, adventure, start, improvements, and continue the movement publishing house, as well as new and old fan project.


Fest der FeindeEngor invites you to the Feast of the enemies and the recently released adventures of Jeanette Marsteller in-depth evaluation. The game of intrigue in Neetha is on the one hand, a lot of space for own ideas, for example, the orientation of a Solid or the creation of a cover identity, on the other hand, it can also be set, which represents, at least for Engor, a slightly hard contrast in the overall structure. The tangles seem as a game of intrigue are expected to be amusing and also to the antagonists, there is not much to complain about.
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Das Mädchen und der MenschenfresserTo complain about is probably the girl from the new hero factory the girl and the man-eater , but it is silent reviewer Engor from. The new Heroes can be played as a continuation to the page. and also works with the rules, what Engor well. For experienced players, rather light fare, but also with the normal DSA5-rules playable.
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Im Land der PiratenThe rogue and his four heroes drifting in the Land of the pirates around and search for cursed Gold, and kidnapped Thorwalern. Sounds both not looking so value for me, but who grabs a dwarf on a ship, just nervous. In any case, the result is very good and the speaker ranks is again praised extra.
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Seafaring in the role-playing game

Donnerhaus.euArrr, Leinen Los! It is also in the thunder house. The subject of seafaring in the role play and Plan a seafaring campaign are the subject of a multi-part series. A real hobby horse of the thunder häusler, like me, have totally determined investigative for you. That’s why an article is not enough. In the first part of the great whole, before to go into Detail.
“You click it, you landlubbers!

Oh, Yes, sure, I’m still Writing, and there comes already sailed part 2. This time it’s about the team. What is the role of captain, officers, ship’s doctor, specialists and the children on Board? How do the people in a small space, and especially how it handles a full crew in the role-play?
“The Arrrtikel

New for Ilaris

The Countdown is on until the release of Version 2, and on the Ilarisblog you can now read the Top3 of the extensions. So there are more elementals and demons, your animal warrior, and blood can play owned and there are also new liturgies. For example, Tsas protection which can protect a character in a very special, beautiful way from death to life.
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How not to start adventure should

Frosty Pen&Paper OnlineThis is the theme with Frosty by Frosty the Pen and Paper. He leads three entrances that he can’t start at all recommended, including a beach Tavern, and shows the Alternatives.
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Rogue close whisper

VierHeldenUndEinSchelmThe rogue whispers, and this time, what Set from AVENT Uriah, the manuals of the dragon, the scriptorium experience and Conausblicken.
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Adventure Action

DSAforum.deGame of the elements, is the theme of the adventure action of the DSA forum. The Forum will be carried out regularly, join in the actions. The last of the bards competition, where today the Golden Lute to the winner*in will be awarded. Also, the action of A heart the beat of the Watch movement is still running.

The now launched adventure action, calls to Write short scenarios with fundamental importance. In the run-up was voted on whether there should be a contest with prizes, and whether it worked out adventures or short be. Decided the User for something short without a competitive nature have. Therefore, it is an action and not a competition. All participants will receive a Badge and a review group ensures that everyone gets for his contribution, a detailed Feedback. Nothing is dumber than to make an effort and get no response. Time is up to 15. September.
“To Adventure Action

Movement, Spring, Sword

Ein Herz für den Uhrwerk VerlagThe Facebook event “a clockwork publishing and pen & sword save” is now a group has become, in the still of the current actions, Statements and News on the topic are shared.
“The Facebook Group

Today at 15 o’clock on the Nordcon a Workshop of the clockwork publishing on the state of things. will try to feeds in the live Ticker to the Nordcon is the most important.
“To The Live-Ticker

Gloria H. Manderfeld said in his Blog Nerd’s thoughts very personally about why the movement publishing saved should be.
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The gorse podcast has the movement, publishing on the topic. Clawdeen was also the question of whether you like the Podcast, with an emphasis sliver of the moon, continue to want to, not because of insolvency, but also because it is maybe not quite so regularly work with the podcast and also costs. But luckily for us, it makes more and also has a lot of plans for the future.
“To The Podcast the movement-assessment weeks call. You have also acquired new products? Then you can you in the Tanelorn Forum rate, and your rating goes into it.
“The Action

Wiki Aventurica

“We appreciate the freedom of the Wind, and not as a slave trader, and the bloody coins. Do you appreciate a good drink? Then, drink!”
—Eilif Thunder Fist’ Sigridsdottir, Thorwaler Pirate Captain

Warning: this article was automatically translated
from German and might be inaccurate
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