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From the Limbus: The sound of success

Blick in den LimbusOur current findings from the DSA data the limbus turn huihuiihuiii, super-reviewers, incorrect questions, answers from old-timers, mischievous Cartoons and on its own axis. Wheee!


NchtgeheulAhwooooo, Uhuuuuu! Or how do you imagine the night howling? This has probably also Engor asked during the second adventure anthology of the DPC-Crowdfunding scrolled has. Night howl delivers three spooky cat adventure for Havena and, apparently, are not so bad, if you time to the final score of our super reviewers was cross-eyed.
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Eiserne FlammenPlönk Plonk Fizz Ouch, maybe this is the sound of what Iron flame make. Hey I can’t help it, so my brain works!
Anyway, has Engor this week is also the last Band of the sliver twilight-cycle reviews. Certainly not a light and airy food, with such a bleak, hopeless Setting. It’s gonna be epic! Challenge and deadly! Reason enough for Engor to be awarded the highest score. Why, exactly, read your best self.
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Role-playing tips

Donnerhaus.euWhat are the questions the players are in the game management really important? And what only leads to senseless astray or consumes time that could be better? These important questions, the thunder house and also a few, hopefully constructive, answers are found for you.
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Other (points beyond the great Agenda we pursue a consistent and fun game strictly)

Eskapodcast LogoThe Eskapodcast interviewed Michael from the Schweinfurt-based Fantasy Festival. For almost 30 years, there is the Con already, and even longer Michael role playing game, because there is a large sewing box, from which you can chat.
“To The Podcast

VierHeldenUndEinSchelmHow big is the sewing box by the prankster is, we know not, but certainly it has five hats printed on it. New rogue whispers about this and that.
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Small garden party

Because the Limbus is today, time is really short, we treated ourselves not only more airy paragraphs, and a meaningless title, there is a Cartoon that has nothing to do with DSA to, or does it? Or not? Or maybe it is?


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from German and might be inaccurate
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