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From the Limbus: Conventions on the ears

Our current findings from the DSA data the limbus to rotate the Memoria Myrana, the current Aventurischen Messenger, the story of the agrimoth split TERS, Podgecaste, Nordcon gleaning, carnival, Ilaris, the game Manager stuff as well as old and new fan projects.


Cover Memoria Myrana Nummer 54Engor ‘s a review of the latest issue of the fanzine Memoria Myrana. Even if the official Myranor (again) Ekes out a shadowy existence, doing the tireless Fans in the Memoria your imp work and keep the world alive. And this can be truly proud of!
“The Article

Aventurischer Bote 195Not a real Review, but better: The Literary Quartet to the current Aventurischen Messenger #195. The discussion of the content, it is the same with and read to her gets him. And also news are interspersed, obtained by the participants on the Nordcon, or otherwise, and give rise to the views in the Messenger, the one or other helpful Information.
“For The Video

Once upon a time… the Agrimoth Splitter

FrostcastSoon appears to be Iron flame, the final part of the splinters of dusk in which the fate of the Agrimoth splitter rotates. Frosty of Frosty Pen&Paper Online has the story so far of the splitter and its carrier for you together again so you are well prepared to start the adventure can.
“For The Video

Gleaning Nordcon

Nordcon 2019If you take a trip, he can tell what. And if podcasters do a trip, meet and put together an impromptu Podcast recording, you can listen the home. Here is the common Podcast of the Nordcon with the played Out Podcast, the hitchhiker’s guide to the fantasy, Frostcast, steam tinkerers natter and System Matters.
“To The Podcast

A small report on the feeling on the Nordcon the Orkpiraten, in addition, the extremely entertaining and remarkable Video to the cover posing competition in 2019! You were all class! Really cool!
“The Article

Frosty was also active as a Blogger on the Nordcon, and has some of the Workshops attended and, of course, on the podcast meeting attended. Here is his report to the Con.
“The Article

In his summary provides Frosty also the tip on the Twitter channel of Christina of Orkig in the taste of your notes to the workshop download can the I the nerve to time, and share the Link here also (Read still Frostys report *whip sound*)
“To the notes of the Workshops

Steam padded lens pouch case enjoys, of course, home advantage and all three days on the Nordcon, always in the middle. Here are his gleanings to the Hamburg Convention.
“The Article

Also, my colleagues from were on the Nordcon, and have diligently getickert. In addition, there was an article about the Workshop Quo Vadis of the movement publishing house written, where Patric Götz commented on the state of things at the publishing house.
“The Article

From this Workshop, our unicorns seifer and Queery tweeted diligently for Nandurion, as you can read here.
“The Nandurion Twitter Account

On the Nordcon was awarded at the very end, the German role-playing game price. In the New online format has in the area of ‘Best text’ won. Congratulations! The overall winner in the area of Online the Rocket Beans, congratulations were!
To game ” the winners of the German role price

Ulisses games at Conventions

NuntiovoloUlisses games housed in a Stream of information for upcoming Conventions. Who is 3 hours too much time, it may be the case of Twitch watch. Who prefer short and crisp again read would like to, can Nuntiovolo where you do have the information, thankfully, and volunteers combined has.
“The Article

Carnival of RPG-blogs

Karneval der RollenspielblogsIt took a bit, but now there is the summary of the contributions of the carnival of the role blogs play in may to read on the topic of “magic systems in role-playing game”.
“The Article


DnalorThe latest carnival of RPG-blogs is of course known to be an intoxicant. Dnalor has a few intoxicating substances When conceived.
“The Article

On the ears

In the DORPCast it turns (after about 40min of view in other things), the question of what it actually is, if I don’t am good in the game style I have chosen. So if I consider myself, for example, a wonderful character actor, but the others see it very differently? Or if you abstinkt playing in online all of a sudden, where there was local but so good.

The DORPCast by the way, has won in the sub-area of the German role-playing game price in the area of Best audio format. Congratulations!
“To The Podcast

Eskapodcast LogoIn the Eskapodcast is all about rules. Why to role players actually on it? Why are these rule books are so thick and you don’t scare off newcomers rather? And how to get the mess under control?
“To The Podcast

Session 0

Tiefwasser_Dm deals on his Blog with the topic of Session 0. That is the game session assumes prior to the first adventure. The Charakterbau and the group agreements. How would you play together? What you should clarify before you start playing with a group and before it falls to the feet?
“The Article

Ilaris Countdown

In the Ilarisblog first images of the upcoming print version of Ilaris 2.0 can be seen. Speak best for themselves.
“The Article

Wiki Aventurica

“For seven days celebrate the Beautiful goddess in the streets with colorful parades, dance and game. The wine flows in Streams, my heart, and indeed, it is easy to find a gallant, or a mistress, because in these days, Rahja, thank, almost everything is permitted.”

—Jacopo Alameida

Warning: this article was automatically translated
from German and might be inaccurate
© Nandurion

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