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From the Limbus: Chronicles of the Nanduriaten

Blick in den LimbusOur today’s excursion in the data, the limbus is concerned with the last two weeks, maybe you is the one or the other already known. If, however, subsequent generations, the hoard of the RHEAS to sift through, it might help to reconstruct this distant past. This time everything adventure, games, reviews, shared, and still not do justice to the shared worlds, as well as old and new fan projects revolves.


Aventuria -Das steinerne SchiffEngor has the AVENT Uriah extension of The stone ship looked at. As the Mini-cuts Box, check out his Blog
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Eiserne FlammenPnPnews has been some time ago, the Iron flames accepted and goes with the last Band, the splinter of twilight hard to the court.
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Black Wings flutter in the Dereblick, where Engor in the second part of the new DSA-novel series out of the Dark ages is accepted.
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The master screen and the compendium of the black cat has the ring of the messenger of the his attention.
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Ilaris 2.0The Dan has the printed Ilaris-rule-book to scroll through, and his first impression to be detained.
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In the world of space and you have all the adventure the adventure-Anthalogien Sensuality&lust , and intrigue&passion through played and a short report on each adventure written.
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Nom Nom – free feed has Engor indulged in, and the current issue #55 of the Memoria Myrana for you studied. Memoria Myrana is a free Online magazine that provides since 2004 excellent add-on content, primarily on the Golden land.
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Adventure Action

Even more free food you can find in the DSAForum, where the two-month adventure-action “game of the elements” has been terminated. 13 adventure have been received and a large part is the first version available in the download section. Most of them have already been reviewed, so that you can have a comfortable first impression. The wage and effort of the action was not price, but the assurance to get at least a proper Feedback. In addition, everyone is invited to help the participants in the Development of their adventure ideas.
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Asboran LogoIn Asboran you get a preview of the in October coming regional game help to Aranien.
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Vote and Win

On Facebook lets Stoffel for his channel DSA-Tube, a new Logo to a vote. All participants will have the Chance to win one of the prizes.
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Sexism in role-playing game

Teilzeithelden.deThe part-time heroes are concerned, in the context of its thematic week for equality, with the issue of sexism in role-playing. Since this is a very complex subject, and I have a clear opinion, I don’t want to attempt the content on a line together. Easy to read!
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Role-Playing Tips

Donnerhaus.euThere is a house… a thunder house.. and the images in my head to show everyone something different. How to make the shared fiction of a common game world? The thunder häusler in her latest blog post.
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