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From the Limbus: Bloody battles, the end of the Game enemies

Blick in den Limbus BeitragsbildOur current view in the DSA data limbo revolves around Dark times, pirates, Traps, enemies, erotic Gewürfel How to fight in a LARP, Myranische finalists, Cons, as well as old and new fan projects


BlutnachtThree children, a night of blood escaped, and the Rest of your family wiped out. Three different destiny paths you are riding from now on, dam. Engor is going in the Dark times and reviewed the first novel of Daniel Jödemanns new novel series.
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Im Land der PiratenThe carnage appears to end in Engor‘s second Review. In the Land of the pirates have nasty opponents more often over the blade, jump (uh, so, each only once, of course). Can inspire once again the radio drama technique, but also in addition, the second season of the DSA radio plays from the winter time, Audiobooks can score.
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Anyone who has a pit digs … possibly no desire to really own hands. For this case, is recommended, according to the Review of the ring, the messengers, the game card, case, doors & spear pits. The reviewers of the application is the event as a Coincidence in the Dungeoncrawl is actually much too flat. It serves him well as a complement to the game Manager screen of the catacombs & ruins, but can not replace a well-prepared Dungeon.
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Fest der FeindeFrosty reviewed the new adventure Feast of the enemies. The adventure may tie in with the hero factory spine paths and plays in the Horasreich. According to Frosty, it moved the plot very close to the Meta and the highlights the game in its rating to 5 out of 5 points. The Review contains massive spoilers and is suitable, in my view, but, for now, game Manager*interior.
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One of the most interesting reviews of the week comes from It’s the way of the Vereinigungen. Here was not the book to scroll through and consider whether the welfare is playable, but it has been played and tested whether these rules at all work, and role-playing game so that is feasible. The group went quite at ease on the subject, ready to engage, and the experiences are very interesting to read. A small quote, and a note from the Nandurion editorial:

“We have used for our first Orgy 3 hours”
… Pfft, Amateurs!

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Security, acting, technique – Fight in LARP

LARPzeitTVIn the third part of LARPZeit TV it comes to fighting in the LARP. How to train, what are the things to consider? What is with the weapons and the armor? The practice will be shown. I would have liked before my first LARP battle that had to be interrupted because I’ve taken in the wild with the Mace to Hit Accidentally someone, where it was not OK. Embarrassing, embarrassing, worse, nothing happened fortunately.
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Ratcon Berlin

RatCon BerlinThe Ratcon Berlin stands in front of the door. Nottel has in a nice Overview of the Event crafted, the you also on the way of helpful services can afford.
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30 Years Feencon – Interview

Teilzeithelden.deThe latest Convention in Berlin, is on the same weekend, the oldest role of Convention to the game. The Feencon in Bad Godesberg, this year 30. The part-time heroes have with the organizer, Willi an Interview.
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CCXP Interview with Ulisses games

The Dorp has Jens ball city of Ulisses games on the CCXP in Cologne interviewed. It is all about the new DSA products, Hexxen, and an upcoming children/family, role-playing game that comes from Sweden and Ulisses games will be translated, of course, in the context of Crowdfunding. Jens ball city has explained you would make on the Ratcon Limburg is a great announcement for DSA Fans have long to wait. After the last Mystery product my personal expectations are the behavior to, however. We will have to see.
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The final in Myranor

5 years of play, the members of the Orkenspalter TV game round at your myranor campaign guardian of the Empire. Now you can find the furious statements in part 63 and 64. House Enanndu congratulated the guardians on their successful Quest!
“Finale Part 1
“Finale, Part 2

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