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From the Limbus of the mountains: the review madness with rats in the walls

Blick in den LimbusIt’s supposed to be a laziness in the representation, because Yes, last week I was catching up to lazy the Limbus to crawl and now I have two weeks. This is stupid, but better now, than when there are three weeks. Your great Work deserves the attention finally. For of course it is so long that a week could read. This time it is a mountain of reviews, a call for help, fantasy, prizes, and of course the RatCon in 2019, as well as old and new fan projects.


Due to our Interview with Rafael Knop, the author of the thunder wakes up the campaign, there are on the star wanderer-Blog the Review to the two campaign books to read.
“The Article

KrallenspurenThe part time heroes to follow, meanwhile, the linear Claw marks in the ancient city of Zhamorrha. Overall, the rating is positive, even if it can give a bit more clearance for the player. But good game*get inside the safe.
“The Article

Fest der FeindeAnd after you from the ruins of the old city out to celebrate the part-time heroes still merrily the Feast of the enemies. This offers much more possibilities for Sandboxing, however, these are not meshed so well with the actual plot of the adventure. It remains behind its possibilities.
“The Article

At the same Party you could however, some Orkenspaltern encounter the Feast of the enemies also have reviewed have.
“For The Video

Ilaris 2.0Also Engor has two weeks from the last limbus look at well used.
For one, he has the print version of Ilaris looked at and is very impressed by the professional implementation of the Fanwerks.
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On the other, he has the hero factory spring case looked at (Hey, it is still not in the Wiki Aventurica, like the time someone please create the adventure has? – Thank you!), the can score with the continuation of the star case, meta plots, and great characters, but Engor is larger deductions for the influence of the hero on the course much too low.
“The Article

Aventurisches PandämoiniumThe Aventurian pandaemonium he has also looked at the same times and to the Best of the bestiary named. Especially the little adventure suggestions like in the descriptions, the clear theme of the band, and there are also some new demons.
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The Schlachtenwüter reviewed the black cat
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The Raven legacy has the ring of the messenger is concerned, and an absolute recommendation for the kick-off of Al’anfa novels by Heike Wolf from.
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HeldenpicknickYou know from our Let’s play area. The Hero Of The Picnic. The Podcast with radio-play technology, has popped many a great round on the ears. The project is part of and just have a real Problem. Because of an image in a previous article, the non-was given and a commercial site and has now to warning and lawyer costs, which are not able to bear the student operator. Therefore, a collection was started. Help Seitenwaelzer and the heroes picnic!
“For The Collection

Memoria Myrana

The new edition of the Fan magazine is engaged with the worlds outside of Aventuria. Game places, rituals, adventure scenarios,cults, types of Heroes, and short stories in Myranor, Vesayama and When discovered. As always, wonderfully designed, and illustrated!
“The Memoria Myrana

Pit fight

DnalorAccording to Aventuria is also brings us the latest blog post by Dnalor. The current carnival of RPG-blogs, the topic of GLADIATORS, WRESTLERS & case fruit has, he presents us with a pit fight.
“The Article


VierHeldenUndEinSchelmThe rogue has Kawe Weissi-Zadeh of the Interview, of the Spoken Adventures is involved. This just had a Kickstarter up and Running, wanted to make the vampire of Havena an interactive solo adventure as a radio play. However, only in English. Since the financing did not materialize, however, has canceled the Kickstarter.
“The Interview

Game master tips

How large a group should be? Rather more or rather less for the players? This issue is dedicated to the fanatics, and notes: All good things … read for yourself 😉
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Are you looking for a quick adventure idea or story? Use the small RPG Story Generator!
“To The Generator


With toxic masculinity in the role-play is the gender-swapped podcast from Ex-Nanduriatin Curima and former DSA author Judith Vogt, the to on this topic is still rolling deals-Inclusive author, and a children – and youth-therapist Frank Reiss, as well as the author and Podcast have invited man Chris Vogt. There is an introduction to the theme, the theming on character level and the impact on the group follows the table. The title may seem to some a little aggressive, but the Podcast is very differentiated and the limits on the shows, the men are stuck and you are also at a disadvantage.
“To The Podcast


Deutscher Phantastik PreisFor the German fantasy price your books to nominate, published in 2018 for the first Time can. There are various categories, including novel and Comic, but also secondary works, and as a special prize 2019, the Best Translation of do with the proposal “ta’puq – The little Prince, in Klingon and English”.
“To The Nomination

VierHeldenUndEinSchelmYourself prices you can win in the August survey of the Schelms

RatCon 2019

It’s that time again RatCon and the DSA’s Headquarters is located this weekend in Limburg at the in-house Convention of the DSA licence holder Ulisses games. For a column which comes out usually on Sundays (today is Monday), is now quite a bit of hops and malt is lost. So we dedicate ourselves to not what one could experience on the weekend, but before the gleaning.

Nandurion, for example, has the whole weekend of the RatCon tweeted, as well as Nuntiovolo. Also, the Workshops at Twitch , where you watch can. In various Blogs, it is likely that a gleaning.

Some information about upcoming DSA things were announced on the RatCon:

  • The first part of the star carrier campaign,”the reputation of The Bahalyr” and “Iron flame“, there was already on the Ratcon to buy.
  • The first Pardona-a novel of Mháire Stepsr is finished and you are already sitting on the second Band. Will appear in the novels expected to be in 2020.
  • Shadow of Power is probably still in September delivered
  • Game deck to Aventurischen pandaemonium and new fate points with the motive ‘battle’ are from now on to have
  • Starting in September there will be a “DSA Collectors Club” type, the collector is directed. With this, you will have access to exclusive products and PDFs, which will be the loop component of a new feedback.
  • Hardcover editions will be only in a single version. When away, then away.
  • Aranien the next regional game help and probably in September, to appear.
  • With “The steaming jungle” is a game help to the deep South, and the Islands of forest appear. It mainly focuses on indigenous tribes, and not on the colonies of the large States.
  • For the Thorwal-game help , it is a Crowdfunding to give, probably in the fourth quarter of this year to start.
  • The presale for Tickets to the Emperor Raul Convention 2020 is on 14.08.2019 and the 28.08.2019 take place. First of all, the visitors of last year have first right of refusal on 50% of the cards, the other 50% can be purchased by new buyers. The elm Cabinet will be drawn.
  • The Aventurian gods act II – in October of 2019 to appear
  • The Crowdfunding for the Cthulhu Mythos in DSA is the 14.08.2019 start. The myth is to be embedded in the world and not just an additional bestiary be. It will be an adventure of his own, or the diary of a Noioniten that records the delusions of his patients.
  • The third volume of the magnificent edition of the Phileasson Saga is at it again in linen, and genuine leather give.
  • The Aventurian the Herbarium I will be probably in October, to appear (Right, part II, will it also give). All of the previous plants from DSA, even old editions, regional game AIDS, etc. should be included.
  • The short history of the band “dungeon stories” is the background of the Iconic heroes of DSA5 treat
  • Misha and the Wolf” is a DSA-children’s book
  • 2020 appears with Book of Heroes , a new DSA computer game. A single player game with the ability to play with up to four players in Coop-mode. It is to play in the time of the current meta-plots. Events in the game will also have an impact on the meta-plot. More information and newsletters about the game:
  • Orkenspalter TV is working on a documentary film for Black eye, a Teaser, was it on the RatCon to see

Warning: this article was automatically translated
from German and might be inaccurate
© Nandurion

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