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From the Limbus: Intoxicated by adventures

Our current view in the DSA-data limbo reveals to us trollige Boobs, river country, self-promotion, intoxicated carnival, rhymes, dreams of Power, written adventures as well as stories from the old and new fan projects.


Das Geheimnis des Drachenritters - EinsteigerboxThe Review of the Page. in Engor goes on. This time the rule book and the regional description of the ridge of rock on it, which are attached to the Box. The two small game AIDS are used to play on the Box of Aventuria? More information, please ask Engor, the now-slowly but surely, with his Review on the final highlight of an overall assessment of growth.
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Die FlusslandeIs a dispute as to game help The flow of the country gave it this week at Nandurion. Oh No, Self-Promotion! You’re not supposed to? Yes, damn it, because to read it is absolutely worth it! Ok, damn it, you are not allowed to write, I vow to improve! But only if you go read the now well-behaved: It is very good!
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Who thinks of Troll Boobs on something that is to be found in the way of the Association to, not only errs, he should clean up his language. Trolls just love these cute little animals and those found naturally in Aventurian animal companions. So at least it makes the Review of the game help in the case of the part-time heroes guess.
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Carnival of RPG-blogs

Karneval der RollenspielblogsThe theme in June is “an intoxicant in the role-playing game” and will call the Blog “From the shadows” out. Personally, I’m a bit at loggerheads with the theme and if I run, are drugs banned addicts characters. Role-play self-power but high enough, or how do you see that?
“To The Carnival Topic For June 2019

Whispered Contest Poetry

VierHeldenUndEinSchelmA little bit high, also makes the last Schelmerei. He rhymes us where the demons, at Ulisses games in the future living. Also on the pirates, you can wait eagerly. There are dragons game, and birthday cake, but on the festivals you can look for enemies.
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Just in time for the Appear of the From the Limbus, the June survey sweepstakes shows up at the mischievous the horizon. It is suitable for appearing pandaemonium, to demons. I have to admit that I was in pandaemonium is always a bit of Pandamonium to think must…, unfortunately there are nowhere as an Option in the survey. To win there is something the demon book, the adventure Feast of the enemies , and the novel The Paktiererin.
“The Survey


Phexarius LogoIn Phexarius it is now the second part of the DSA Stories. In the first part of it went to game reports of dust and stars. This time it’s the adventure of A dream of Power and the lethality of non-shared information. Some groups you can’t trust easily.
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In the DSA Forum will soon be the adventure, the action start. Issue is, after a tight vote “game of the elements“ be. At the exact tender is filed.

System MattersHow to make an adventure because, actually, on paper, is practically the topic of the current Podcast System Matters.
“To The Podcast

Bahamuths Dungeon

After the first two Parts of his series “The Dungeon, the unknown beings” is Curthan of Ilaris Blog of his criticism, and the theory now the practice to follow. For this, he has the Dungeon from the adventure Bahamuths reputation as a hero Playground designed and a troupe of adventures hunted. With this great Dungeon, his little mini-series ends. We hope that your many more to follow!
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Time travel

Donnerhaus.euWished everyone probably already, travel back in time and correct mistakes or in the future, and the sports almanac in the presence of get. In reality, yet only in Fiction, but in Fiction, often times reality. What are the chances and risks and offers a game with a time travel in the role? The thunder house has brought a couple of Considerations for you.
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Wiki Aventurica

Suitable for carnival, to me, is tolerable seductive list of addictive things:

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