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From the Limbus: All hot, and no ice

Blick in den LimbusThe current view in the data limbus is prepared by low-cooking method. Day-long cook on ‘low’ temperatures of around 30-40°C. Therefore it is particularly tender and juicy… uh what? At least the author, by feeling good and trying to believe this time really is shorter. This time it’s about demons, money, Conventions, cats (how cute!), Adventure as well as old and new fan projects.


The new Aventurian pandaemonium get the rogue before. He reported mainly by the contained demons and takes a short reference to the rules. His conclusion is very positive. I would be interested to see whether a Bhurkhesch when you lick cold is to ice-cream tastes. Then I would me the the meeting to think about the soon before in one of my role-play rounds namely, smooth time.
“The Article

Blogger life

Engors DereblickA bloggers life is lonely.. Yes, no, sometimes… makes it actually fun and make sense? The wonders Engor and finds himself a bit so that Feedback is rare. How do you motivate yourself so more time and putting the work in. I say to you, at 40°C is not easy! Not really! So Feedback, feel free to! This makes the blogger’s heart happy!
“The Article

View DSA

Engors DereblickAnd yet another Engor, and none of them in the case of reviews, it’s not safe all the days. For this, he makes us the second DSA half of 2019 tasty. What comes to us? Also Fanwerke be involved, great!
“The Article

The Love Of Money

Two projects deal with the money of our characters.

In which role-playing game money at all makes sense to ask The DORP
“To The Podcast

Donnerhaus.euHow you money comes treated the thunder house. What is a reasonable wage and how to get it?
“The Article

Both agree that money follow-through and simulator power-play sense in most cases, at least when actually the game is fun, the focus should be. How you doing? Your leads, your lists on cruiser and light exactly or you don’t care as long as you just abenteuert only in front of half the standard of living plays the character?

Con Gleaning

The first RatCon Berlin and the thirtieth FeenCon found on the last weekend. Now I’m really Serious, and believe me, I present to you Report to an almost soulless lists of links to (Muha… to laugh to hot evil)

Ratcon Berlin

RatCon Berlin


Cats Review

Jens Ullrich wrote on his Blog Eisparadies (Finally! Ice cream!) an obituary in the history of the Black cat. How does a rule work at all? How did the planning? In doing so, he provides interesting insights that help you perhaps, if you even want to tackle something like that once. So far, two parts published, the series goes further.
“Part 1
“Part 2

Adventure in Aventuria

DnalorDnalor is not only (allegedly) a Troll, but also a lot of writers. I guess I could fill the whole limbus glance with his articles, but since I’m Serious, I’ll give you the entry to his workshop reports to a new adventure for Rakhazar.. (muha.. you know, looks at you, but just like the whole article for the last time). Killing the dragon, is his new call. Well don’t know.. ice dragon? 😀
“The Article

Wiki Aventurica

The wiki links have recently been somewhat neglected because I have to be uh heat but with Lazy already program Seriously, I use just the funny random article function on the wiki (on the left in the Navigation). So here are the three Links that I’m ruthless as they come.

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